in dominion •  5 months ago

Fear is the greatest enemy of man.It kills before you stop breathing,it keeps a man in abject poverty and makes you a mediocre. Fear makes you think you cant when you actually can. Fear says 'do not' when you should actually try,it says ' its over' when you have all to go on,it suggest failure at the point and peak of success.
As you step into the month of JULY, look beyond your fears,envisage success surrounding you, take that bold step and make a move today. All your efforts will translate into success and your story will bring glory . Since there are no permanent nights, there can never be permanent afflictions,no matter how long the night may seem to be,morning will certainly come.RISE UP AND WALK IN DOMINION for your morning has come . You were created to walk in dominion!
HAPPY NEW MONTH Great steemers.

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