DuckDuckGo Now Uses AskSteem to Search the Blockchain

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Hello Steemians!
Today I'd like to announce that DuckDuckGo, the popular privacy-focused search engine, now uses AskSteem by default to search the STEEM Blockchain.

How to Use

What is AskSteem

AskSteem is a search engine that indexes the STEEM blockchain and provides a powerful, reliable, and intuitive way for our users to search for posts or users.

We also provide a Search API which is used by some of the largest STEEM based apps and we are continuously working to make our products better.

Happy searching!


Highly rEsteemed!


Great way to exchange. Very useful post . Thanks @htoomsDQmXtQU5TQqRCZq4xBfq1qjvyFfNwJHWGvdAkkNSeBR1BLa_1680x8400.jpeg

Fantastic! And since I'm using duckduckgo as my default search engine anyway with Brave, I can now search steemit right from my browser any time.

Cool friends

Wow! I'm a DuckDuckGpo user and I had no clue.
Thanks for the precious tip :)

@thekyle Just used asksteem and looks great. We are working on a product on Steem blockchain and would like to know the details of API and how we can integrate.

I am also curious if you are able to cover your costs from the rewards on your posts?

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