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RE: Dolphins. Feeling left out between minnows and whales? Come to TheDolphinCocoon

in #dolphins5 years ago

Maybe I'm a giant noob but when is someone a dolphin? :D Is there a number that can be given to that? :D

Good initiative! I have the idea either minnows or whales are able to make posts do well and everything in between is just mediocre even when the content is good :o


As far as my knowledge goes you become a Dolphin when you reach 5000 steempower. However you can already become too high in reputation to get curation projects to vote for you way before you reach Dolphin status. This project will aim at all those in between the minnow and whales.

Thank you for your response! :)
Im at 10% of 5000 then.. Will take a while for me to get there o.O

But i've only been around for 2 months,, so im giving it time!

Thank you for starting an initiative like this, I have the idea the community needs it! :)

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