Dolphin Council: It's time to organise and make our mark

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Essential reading for Steem Dolphins: This could be what you've been waiting for.

There's a lot going on in Crypto and the steem blockchain. Even though it can be tempting to look at the Crypto Market and be discouraged, the reality is that Cyrptocurrencies are here to stay and so is the Steem Blockchain. Is the future of steem guaranteed, most definitely not, but what we do here and now will determine its future.

For me, steem has and will always have a special place. It was the place where I found an amazing group of people. Those that are willing to go against the mainstream narrative, to think for themselves.

But we need to work together and pool our resources and for this reason, I want to create the #dolphincouncil, this will be a way to bring together steem dolphins.


We often talk about "herding cats" in the UK. This is a great phrase as it describes the difficulty in coordinating a group where each person has strong personal will and identity. When I was first thinking about this group, I kept putting it off as I had many doubts.

Steemians are too strong in their need for individuality and opinion to work together was my worry. And even if this is a great idea, why would anyone listen to me?

I have seen others organise and create groups, from the Friends of Gondor, who support @fulltimegeek, to @helpie, @thealliance and country based groups, such as @steemitbd.

Why a Dolphin Council?

I became a steem dolphin a few months ago. I bought in and put my hard earned money into what I believe in. Then, I thought about others who have done the same in recent months. I wanted to reach out to these people as they too have put up the stake and powered up to become steem dolphins.

Dolphins have invested a significant sum into the steem blockchain and need a way to have their voices heard. They are not Orca's or Whale's and cannot get that instant recognition for their views as larger stake holders. But together, if we coordinate, we can have a real influence in how the steem ecosystem grows.

My message to you: "Let's work together to give steem the direction and leadership it needs and make it what we all hope it can be, a truly successful blockchain that powers the social media of the future"

The Vision

I would love to have a group of us Steem Dolphins work together. According to @arcange's most recent post, the number of Steem Dolphins has risen to 1,917

How Much Influence Can Dolphins Really Have?


This means Dolphins now hold 13% of all staked steem power!


If we do some analysis, we see the average Dolphin holds 13,000 Steem Power

Dolphin Stake Analysis.png

What Does This All Mean?

If we can have a group of 100 Dolphin's coordinate, that is 1,363,100 of steem power. That is enough to move a witness significantly up the charts. We have combined vote value as large as a Whale

Witness Votes

One idea I had was creating a voting block for witnesses, we first discuss our top witnesses and we then commit to vote together on our agreed top 5. This could give a massive push to witnesses that are genuinely adding great value to the blockchain and growing it in the way we agree.

Boosting users who are adding real value

There are a lot of curation trails and other curators on the platform. My vision is to have us decide on one account to vote on per week. Considering each of us can make 10 votes a day, that's 70 votes a week, without taking us below 80% voting power. We can pick one user each week to upvote, this could be a developer, a promoter or a content creator.

Can you imagine how much impact we could have if we were able to incentive's users in this way with our combined voting power?

How will decisions be made

I believe in one user, one vote. As long as you are a Dolphin, you get a vote and we use a simple majority for most decisions with a super majority of 75% for changes to our own rules.

Once you join, you make a commitment to work towards the overall vision of the Council.

How Do I Join?

At the moment, I have just started a private discord group. If you are interested, please comment below or send me a message and I will send you a private invite.

I am open to ideas and suggestions, so please let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or privately in our discord group.

With the price of steem being so low, I still have other commitments that I spend my time on, but if this takes off, I am willing to invest more time into making this group work.



Thank you all for your great comments and encouragement. We now have 8 of us on Discord, that's a lot of voting power working together!

A big welcome to @c0ff33a (6,518 SP), @zaku (7,267 SP), @newageinv (10,241 SP), @giantbear (6,651 SP), @daan (5,363 SP), @soyrosa ( 5,503 SP) and @flipstar (40,469 SP) who have all joined our Discord group.

That gives us a combined SP of 89,012!

We are currently working on drafting the constitution. The first 10 members will get founding member status, as well as shaping the direction this group takes by giving their views on the constitution!

I will add further updates here.

If you haven't done so already - please resteem this post.
Thank you to @anthonyadavisii, @antiabuse, @armincopp, @baah, @bashadow, @erickpinos, @jufriadii, @riseofth for the resteems and helping us to spread our message.



This is a lovely idea - im involved in a number of community projects etc, and there a number of ways I contribute. Happy to say it's a yes for me with what I'm seeing here :)

My discord contact is: nigelrhil#5737

That's great @lordnigel, feel free to invite any other dolphins that you may know who have a similar outlook.

I have sent you an invite via your wallet and discord. See you there and bring that enthusiasm :)


I would love to have a group of us Steem Dolphins work together.

Sounds really good, from my 'orca' point of view. :-)

Thanks @jaki01

I think we have often looked at the whales and orcas to fix all the problems. I think it's time for the dolphins to step up and present a solution.

Hopefully we can coordinate once we have our own internal structure and constitution drafted

I’m excited to be part of this project!!!

Great idea! I think many more Dolphins will continue to come as I am seeing more minnows increase their stakes as well. These are the accounts that we need to create this community to help not only the “middle class” of Steemians but also promote new user growth and adoption! I think I am in the Discord group although still learning the ropes there... Look forward to more details!

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Thanks @newageinv, when I reached dolphin status, it was a bit of an anti-climax.

Atleast now minnows have an incentive for powering up and taking a leadership role in how our community grows.

It is a very exciting time. What we do from now will determine the direction and character of the steem blockchain.

The details are still to be worked out, so everyone who joins early can have a genuine input on how this group works and grows

I think it could work and sounds really promising @kabir88

Also a dolphin here. If there is a way to contact you via discord, let me know. Definitely interested in joining if there is still room ;-)

That's awesome @mindtrap, I have sent you an invite via your wallet

Send me an invite please:) (emrebeyler#9263)

welcome @emrebeyler, I've sent you an invite via your wallet

Outstanding initiative. I hope to dolphin up soon so I may contribute to this.

Just have a lil bit of debt to deal with first but will keep working my way there in the interim.

Looking forward to working with the group and making great things happen!

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Thats amazing @anthonyadavisii, someone with your skills would be great to have in our collective.

Let's hope the price drops a little lower in the short term so we can all pick up some more steem power ;)

This is a brilliant idea

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Sent you an invite,

I left message on discord.

I would also like to join. I have some visions of where I think steem can go and want to join a community where I can express these ideas with some others who have the will and means to do something about it.

There's a public link to the discord channel on the latest @dolphincouncil post.

Look forward to seeing you there


Thanks, I have joined.
I look forward to having reasoned conversations with reasonable about reasonable solutions to our current problem.
Now I'm off to my real world job.

Hoping one day to reach Dolphinhood, when I do if by that time the Dolphin Council is formed I will join. I will try to continue to follow the updates, and It sounds like a very good Idea to me. 100 Dolphins having 5 real witness choices in the top 20 would be something. It will be interesting to see if 5% of the dolphins can pull something like that off, and if thy do The Dolphin Council could be who people turn to for guidance.

Actually while that is an awesome idea and I think it would be perfect if those 5 witnesses were run with communal ownership directly by the council such as rented servers but even then I think they would need bounties for development and solutions to problems as well to solidify a consensus on what direction and how to approach it for this council to really work.

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We can't predict the future, but the opportunity to buy at these orices may not be around for too long.

I look forward to you joining us. Your seat awaits for when you're ready

sounds like a great idea!

Sent you an invite @jznsamuel! See you on Discord

I am glad to see the update. I wish each and everyone of you luck on the council. I hope to join one day. All I can say is be careful of the most recent drama. I am sure none of you would want to be told how to vote, or how or when or why you would be allowed to vote or to withdraw or to buy steem or to sell steem.

you can join NOW! There is a "Friends of the Council" group on the same server...
I believe they can participate in the discussions and debates :)

Thank you, will take a look.

I am going back thru and reviewing your foundational thoughts,
I see a great amount of common ground! My posted ideas on the
"DC" topic were more about a vision of the future for a council,
but I have seen that in your writings too. But you have a much more
Ground Up Approach than I had, and therefore I think the chances of
a Dolphin Council succeeding at this point are much higher 😎

I would have a peak. MrFlip#3761

Invite sent and welcome! Good to see you loading up on steem :)

I'm curious to see who we can get and what ideas come out of it. Send me an invite on discord under the same name.

Done via private message, couldn't find you on discord via searching

Good idea. What's the minimum SP required to join? 5000? If prices stay low I should be there by feb at the latest.

It fluctuates a bit depending on the Vests to Steem power ratio. But it's around 5,000 steem power.

We would be most pleased to have you!

Definitely interested! i'm still way below average in terms of SP, but that will hopefully change soon enough. Planning on buying a bit more Steem Power.

That's great @daan, just sent you an invite

Hi @kabir88 , I like to join the discord council

Welcome @onealfa, I have sent you a link

hmmm, strange, it does not work

New message sent

Sent you a new link, hope this one works

After seeing @marionbowes' flagged post it seems we need some balance on the platform. Please send an invite to novacadian#6070. ✌

Seem not to have received an invite on Discord, @kabir88. My Discord skills are lacking, however. 😎


thank you. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you, as well, @marionbowes! 🎄

LoL my discord skills are also in their infancy. Will send you invite via your wallet. Please view via steemit as it will be encrypted

@kabir88 I would be interested in finding out more. The original vision is a good one to have a larger say for a group of middle class users. Then it depends on where it would be taken from there.

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That's great! Sent you an invite via your wallet, please view via as it is encrypted

Hi, I'd be interested in joining. However, I have about 40k SP under management but only about 4k is my own :-) I'm @rycharde on Discord. (edited!)

Hi @accelerator, I would love to say yes. But for now I am keeping the requirement at 5,000 SP of own funds.

Once we agree our draft constitution and have a vote, we can propose a role for others who have less than 5,000 SP.

You're still welcome to contribute ideas via comments on this post and we will adopt them if enough members of the council agree.


Ok np. Good luck with it!

I think organizing is a great idea. Peoples voices should be heard. Unfortunately for me, I'm not a dolphin. Maybe one day I will be though. I have a long way to go. I dont even think I'm a minnow yet hahaha. How does one find out what category they are in?

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Looks like you are a minnow my friend, or I think so, over 400sp?


Oh ok, cool. I dont know what the thresholds are so I had no idea. Thanks for the info :)

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It's weird, I think they intended the ranks to be a bit more easily achieved when they built the system, I think people could potentially be somewhere in between plankton and minnow for years if they don't invest or get a few dolpines or such to auto-vote them or start hustling with bid-bots, etc...

Yeah you are probably right

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Well it is what it is...
I am following you now my minnow friend... =)


Yeah same :)

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It really a big idea. But how can beginners like us can benefit from that your idea. Thanks!

Having good governance and organising the larger stake holders should benefit everyone in the long term.

Great idea 💡 I’m definitely in! My discord: mja_79

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Great to have you onboard @mcoinz79, sent you an invite via your wallet

I got a huge string of numbers in my messages, which I copied and pasted but did not work

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You need to view it via and it will decrypt the message.

sorry for the confusion

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What's the difference between delegating for 30 and 60 days? I am assuming it's the same delegation mechanism? Or are you counting the length of the delegation to date?

I made the push a few months ago into dolphin-hood. I am interested in hearing more about this group. As with any group, I think it best to have a trial period. If I add value and the group wants me to continue to be involved, then lets keep moving forward.

If the group moves in a direction that I can not support, then I will graciously and quietly step away.

If that works for you all, please send me an invite - my discord name is the same as my Steem name - @SumatraNate.

Thanks for reading the post and welcome onboard!

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Sorry I missed this post.

This is a good idea. Might even be enough to get me to buy back in if we can get some good governance in place.

We can definitely try. We could do with more stake in the hands of those that are active and want to see steem develop.

If you power up, drop me a message


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Would take a look 😀

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Invite sent via steemit wallet

Hey, I'm a dolphin. I'm interested.

Sent you an invite via your steemit wallet

Interesting initiative. If done the right way, it can really help the ecosystem. I am not a dolphin so i am pretty sure i do not meet the requirement. However, i'll give in my support from time to time.


Isn't there all ready like a million groups for dolphins and such on discord?

I assume all the people who are getting 10 dollars or more on each post without using bid-bots to be a part of some "support group" like this???

It's quite obvious... If you are a dolphin now, you will most probably be approached by one of these groups... Isn't this how the system works here?


There are a lot of groups, but this is the first of its kind to try and get dolphins to coordinate and take a role in the governance of the steem blockchain

Hmm, I like the idea, not sure you are the first one with similar ideas, but I think it's good the dolphin-class is the most important part of steemit, since they often still remember how hard it was to struggle as a minnow or plankton, and often want to help and often act a bit more utilitarian... And they can make a difference...


Thank you for the kind mention, I do hope combined we can all do something great to lift the current collective users of the Blockchain. I have been in a dark place of my own lately and it's killed my interaction, but the clouds are clearing and I am eager to send the message you have started to pull us all together - unite and embrace what the Steem Blockchain can achieve - through real people and the power combined they can achieve. Long Live Asgard! (sorry, I went on a Marvel movie trip while fighting my demons)

#thealliance #witness

It's great to hear from you @c0ff33a

I am sorry to learn of your recent struggles. I hope you're taking good care of yourself.

Looking forward to having your input when you're ready.

As they say in Africa, if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.

I am very pleased to share this journey with you.

All the best

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