what is koins to dollars (1koins 0.01dollars)how to use?

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Hi friends today's BEST Application for home without investment.
How to exchange Koins to dollars?
What is Koins?
How to use?.

Joined link------Kwai captures my interesting moments, download and search ID 986930885 to check it out!https://kw.ai/mqRmKX-6

Vigo video link--https://www.facebook.com/100002880002985/posts/1491802570925729/

how to special bonus kwai,
according to video views,like,comments,etc....

You can redeem koins for cash cashouts in paypal.

how to withdraw?
joined paypal account cash will be sent straight to your account
after your paypal account being linked.

automative convert koins to dollars

minimum 10(include) cashouts.

last 31december 2018 no casouts you will zero account.
who haven"t withdrawn yet when the deadline close,
plus your account will be rest to ZERO.

Please click like and subscribed share,

Thanks for All.

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