Does u ever try any new things?what happen when u fail wrong?

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I love learning new things. I have been experimenting with things my whole life. If anything interests me enough I go for it and try to learn it as much as I can. New skills, new technologies, new topics and anythings that can teach you something along the way I am up for it.

Learning new things is very vital for broadening our horizons. By learning new things not only you are adding up your resume but also you discover things about yourself too. You discover your weaknesses, your potential and most importantly you familiarize yourself to new horizons which helps the growth of your mind. Learning new things is like exercise, but instead of your body muscles your brain muscles get stronger. It's a medical fact that when learning new things brain's neurons structure changes and the density of the white fluid present in brain increases which helps to fasten it's processing abilities. Your memory improves, your thinking ability becomes swift and will keep you sharp as knife. Learning new things or exposing yourself to the realms unknown to you accompany the release of Dopamine, which transmits information between neurons. This helps the make the learning process a fun and compels you to do it again and again.

So far I have discussed the benefits of learning new things but what about if you fail at it. Well, as far as I am concerned it doesn't affect me and I thing it shouldn't affect anybody at all. For me the important thing is that I've learned something and that's all because learning constitutes towards the betterment of our lives in a long run. You always learn a thing or two about life when you are learning new things whether you succeed or fail. I hope this helps you in some way.


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