#dogsofsteemit Challenge DAY 5 | 14 SBI & 7 SBD Prize Pool Giveaway!


“Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles Shultz

Welcome to 5 Day of #dogsofsteemit Challenge

A big thank you to everyone that has participated so far and helped spread the word about the #dogsofsteemit hashtag. I could not do it without you all!

I would really love it and appreciate any support from any dog-lovers out there to spread the use of the #dogofsteemit hashtag! Let's make this tag a nice and easy way to search for all dog-related posts on Steemit!

Please welcome our "Dogs of the Day"!

Top Prize! 1 SBI share to @blewitt!

Kitano aka Tano is both a lover and a fighter! Such a strong trooper of a dog
Kitano is a Vegas Stripper

How can you not be happy seeing Oreo's goofy smile? @jusipassetti

#dogsofsteemit Challenge: Oreo Tongetjie Snugglemuffin Nibbles Vetkop Saunders 💖

Say hi to Lucy the rescue dog who has found a loving home! @sparkesy43

Introducing Lucy - #dogsofsteemitchallenge

@happyfree's beautiful young husky "Hiroko" having a nap


Hiroko The Young Husky Had A Nap

Charlie from Holland having a quick yawn! @brittandjosie


Kong the Chihuahua looking fresh after a bath & new hairdo @innerstellar

#dogsofsteemit Challenge Meet Kong

Day 5 #dogsofsteemit Challenge Rewards


Check out my original post about the #dogsofsteemit challenge or read below for all the info!

Why #dogsofsteemit? 🐶🐕

I absolutely LOVE dogs and wanted to start a #dogsofsteemit challenge to celebrate these beautiful, loving and selfless animals. The aim of this challenge is to promote the use of the #dogsofsteemit tag so that all Steemians can easily search for endless doggo pictures, posts, videos and stories.

I often find myself getting lost in the endless dog-related content plaguing Facebook & Instagram - so why not bring the same to Steemit!?!

To help spread the word and use of the #dogsofsteemit tag I would love to host a 14-day challenge with prizes to the best photos and/or videos of your dog! It could be your own dog, your friend's dog, your family's dog! As long as it's original content and not a plagiarised stock photo taken off the internet.

Prizes! Everybody LOVES Prizes!

This will be a 14-day challenge to begin with and I will see how it goes after that and change rewards accordingly if needed. Please help me spread the word and grow this tag so I can keep on rewarding dog pictures & posts! I'm still a minnow so prizes may be small now but I hope to increase prizes when I can to encourage further participation! 😄

  • Daily 1st Prize: 1 SBI (@steembasicincome) sponsorship every day
  • Daily Runner-up Prizes: 5 x 0.1 SBD
  • Special mentions & upvotes to any other favourites
  • Total prize pool: 14 SBI sponsorships & 7 SBD over 14-day challenge
  • If I don't have enough "favourite" dog posts I will roll over the prizes and extend the challenge

Participation Rules

  • Include at least 1 photo of your dog (or someone else's dog)
  • Include #dogsofsteemit tag as one of your 5 tags
  • Follow @supernovastaffy to qualify for rewards
  • Tag me in your post so I can keep track of all entries
  • Tell me a bit about your dog! I'd love to read all about your pupper!

It goes without saying but original content only. No plagiarised photos!

The cut-off each day will be at 11PM AEST (UTC+10).
I will make the first selection on the 6/6/18 shortly after 11PM AEST (UTC+10).

Spread the word!

Sponsorships are very welcome to help grow the prize pool for future participation in the challenge. If you like the idea of this challenge, feel free to upvote, comment & resteem this post to support the #dogsofsteemit tag.

I'll be checking the #dogsofsteemit tag every day but feel free to insert a link to your post in the comments below & tag me in your post to help me keep track of entries. If you know other Steemians that have dogs please share this post with them or tag them in your entries to help spread the word!

Thank you for reading & thank you for the support! I can't wait to see all the dog posts and photos of your dog/doggo/pup/woofer/floofer! The funnier, goofier, quirkier, cuter the picture the better!

So what are you waiting for? Start snapping away and participate every day if you'd like!


Find out more about @steembasicincome in their FAQ. SBI is a great Steemit group that will support and upvote your posts for life!

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Thank you for the support and for participating! Couldn't spread the use of this hashtag without you

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I am and will always be a "dog person"!

Thanks for the heart warming images...

Namaste, JaiChai

Me too! Hope you enjoy all the doggo pics! Thank you for stopping by and commenting

Awesome! I love seeing all the doggies. I am a dog lover myself! This is the first I've heard of the tag #dogsofsteemit, I think that is so cool. I'll have to remember to check it now and then and see all the dog posts!

Happy to put together these dog pics for your enjoyment! Cute dog photos have always brought a smile to my face so I hope I can do the same for others through the #dogsofsteemit hashtag

Thanks for your support!

Cool challenge, I'll participate when I have a dog :-)

Thank you for stopping by and commenting anyway. Hope you enjoy the dog pics that you've come across

Thank you for your entry and for supporting the #dogsofsteemit hashtag!

Aw, look at all those smiles from most of photos! 😄 Nothing would beat that, starting Monday with a smile. 😄 Thanks for being included along with the other adorable ones.

Their smiles are the perfect way to start each day! Thanks for all your support @happyfree

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