Five More Lovable Dog Breeds

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Last week I posted an article detailing my favorite dog breeds. After further rumination regarding dog types, I realized it is impossible to narrow it down to just five! Dogs are such amazing creatures, even (especially) those without pedigree and a distinguished breed. I love mutts as much as I love any other dog, but here a five more breeds I absolutely adore:

Bull Terrier

Some of you may only be familiar with this breed through Target commercials, but for those of you lucky enough to have encountered a bull terrier in real life, know them to be exceptionally sweet and loyal characters. The shark-shaped head and triangular eyes give them a look that is undeniably cute and unique.


Rottweilers may have a reputation for being tough, strong dogs; while they are extremely powerful, they also have a tendency to be lovable goofballs. These lion-hearted dogs’ obedience and intelligence make them masters of trick-learning.

Australian Shepherd

Balls of incredible amounts of energy, this dog is great for any active person. They love to run, jump, and as high intelligence dogs, they are excellent at learning complicated tricks. They are easily distinguished by their gorgeous coat.

Basset Hound

With short legs, long ears and kindly eyes, these dogs are impossible not to love. As dogs bred for hunting, their sense of smell is incredible. But more than being useful for hunting, they are also affectionate and devoted pets.

French Bulldog

Any internet dweller has surely seen pictures of these over the top adorable pups. Their batlike ears perched atop a sweet face is an irresistibly cute combination. On top of being unique and huggable, these dogs are also incredibly easygoing and bright.

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My new family member “dahlia


Have a nice day

Wow so cute doggy, nice doggy photography

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The Basset Hounds are so so adorable and exceptionally cute.

Thanks for sharing.

nice dog pics, I dont think I would have the opportunity to have one of these, since I adopt street dogs, although my current female dog we think she has some of Rottweiler.
Cool pics.