Complete Tasks and Earn DogeCoin

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To receive Doge Coin complete tasks given below and also read the rules

  1. One transaction per one username
  2. Minimum 7 doge coin
    Maximum 20 doge coin
  3. If you do task and you want to claim it later your doge will saved and when you want it then redeem it.
  4. To receive or save your doge coin please comment on my any post.
    Task 1
    Upvote any of my post which are not passed 7 day
    1 Upvote = 1 doge coin
    Task 2
    Resteem any of my post which are not old than 6 days
    1 resteem = 1 dogecoin
    Task 3
    Upvote this post click here here = 1 DOGECOIN
    Task 4
    Upvote and resteem any of @allright post
    1 upvote = 1 doge coin
    1 resteem =1 dogecoin
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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