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RE: WOW! MUCH ENDORSEMENT! John McAfee Selects Dogecoin as Coin of the Week on Twitter

in #dogecoin3 years ago (edited)

Today a strange coincidence happened. I published a meme in dMania and after 1-2 hour McAfee published the "coin of the week". In fact my post was for fun but after McAfee announced the coin of the week I was shocked a bit. It was a nice coincidence (wish I bought that coin) :)


Order Steem to be next! (Which probably is in his list anyways!!!)

Haha, interesting!

Here is another ''coincidence'' regarding Dogecoin. CNBC uploading a YT vid about it, 3 days ago:

Dogecoin Was Created As A Parody, Now It's Worth More Than $1 Billion | CNBC

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