🐶❤ Our Loveable Dog "Brain" Injury & Overwhelming Vet Bill...❤🐶

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🐶❤ Our awesome and very lovable dog named "Brain" recently injured his front leg On Thursday morning when he left the property that we are currently getting ready to live on, and returned back home with a huge gash in his leg, ( possibly got caught in a barbed wire fence) which required a trip the vet that was a costly endeavor of $533.00 as you will see below! requiring an operation for stitches. Hes an older dog at 17 years, and is doing OK now other then not being able to walk on it and is under several different medications which keep him very sleepy, poor baby... 🙏🐶

🐶❤ "Brain" blends right in to my living room rug, hes the kindest and sweetest dog EVER! PLEASE PRAY For his speedy recovery!🙏🐶



🐶 Of course this all happens at a time where some of you all ready know from previous posts, that I am laid off from work now as of today September 22 2018 AND I am supposed to be moving soon to my house in the next few weeks. I was all ready struggling to pay my last months rent for September, and was having to sell some of my best Steem Monster cards that are still for sale, after my power steering pump went on my car .



🐶 SO its been quite a bad month for us TO SAY THE LEAST! while we try to get our property ready for the winter, thats all ready costing thousands of dollars, to get the power to our power shack we had to build, hook up water , finish building the Half of the house that we will connect to our camping trailer for the winter before the snow flies up here in the mountains of British Columbia Canada, then finish the rest of the house next summer! WHEW! (will share photos soon)

🐶💕 The Custom Collar on him alone (he hates it) was 28.00 as seen on the bill, with the medication costing over $170.00! ExRAYS would have been an additional $500.00 that we couldnt afford to see if it was broken!



BRAIN is 17 years old! which is 92 ! Here is the chart for your convience.

🙏🐶❤We are all praying for his speedy recovery...🙏🐶❤

💕💁 PLEASE HELP! Any support in these hard times would be much appreciated in upvotes, donations or by just going on STEEM MONSTERS and buying some of my monster cards which I have lowered the prices on! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! 💕💁

@karenmckersie / @momskitchen

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I'm sorry to hear about this, @karenmckersie. Veterinary bills tend to end up being crazy expensive, and I've gotten a few $1,000 bills during my time as a dog owner, so I know how difficult this stuff is. I hope his leg will heal fine. I "donated" my upvote; it's not worth that much now that Steem is so low, but it's a little something. Good luck!

AWE! Thank you so much, thats very kind of you @valth , long time no see my friend! I still love your cute little thumbnail photo! 💕✌👍🐕🐶🙏

We all pray for Brains speedy recovery , hes doing pretty good for a 92 year old! ❤🙏🐶🐕🙏❤

Oh Karen, praying for Brain's speedy and smooth-sailing recovery, and for you as well! I hope you can get through this soonest; you can find a job or streams of income offline and online, and Steemit can help you raise money!

Resteemed this post with the hope that it helps raise your payout. And my vote doesn't count much, but I truly hope everything's going to be okay!!!

AWE! Thank you so much for your kind reply and prayers @michelleast , your resteem and upvote is much apprciated! hes actually doing pretty good for being 17/ 92 years old! following you!😇❤🐶🙏

You're very much welcome @karenmckersie! 😊Yes, Brain's doing great at 17!

I have a 10-year old dog, he's a Corgi-Japanese Spitz mix, and I hope he's gonna live as long as Brain! 💕

AWE! I love those dogs @michelleast , Sooooo cute! im sure he will live a very long and happy life!🐶🐕❤

One kind of Pekingese is referred to as a "sleeve" because it was bred to fit into a Chinese empress’ sleeves, which was how it was often carried around.


Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

Thanks 😊👍

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Karen, hey girl, love your cute dog, Brain, which reminds me of one of my favorite PBS cartoon television show during the 1990's in America, Arthur, which had a character, maybe a bunny, a bear, a dog, not an aardvark like Arthur, but Brain was some type of animal, and was smart, probably like your dog too, and cute, and Brain was voiced by Steven Crowder of Louder With Crowder. Upvoted.

Haha that's awesome thanks for your kind reply👍🐶 Our dog, I should say more my boyfriends dog is named after the dog in "Inspector Gadget" Lol🐶

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Awesome, I love the Inspector Gadget hehe. Upvoted.

THANK YOU! Me too, lol!😂😂😂❤🙏

Haha great. Sweet.

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