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Important points

  • Writer of 5 Business Books – Get Wealth with no Investment, Wear Your Success, Wealth is Success, Meet Your New One, How to make the Elephant to Plant Paprika,
  • MLM Guru
  • Founder of PXDS Intl.
  • Did many Business education,…
  • Steemit
  • Blogger
  • Trader


Goran Stankovic has been born in Bihac, BIH on the 1st June 1975. Very soon, his family moves in Belgrade, Serbia where he passes, his childhood and his youth. Since the Young years, his father, very educated and big intellect taught him to learn honestly & morally and has said his legendary saying: “A fool is working all life and a Wise person as much as it wants”. This remained deeply in his head and heart as it reflected a free life, free of material and financial worry.
When later in his life, he read the first book by Robert Kiyosaki, he completely understood deeper of His fathers, legendary proverb.

Since the young years, Goran tried to make money. His childhood years were spent in Belgrade and those were very tough years as the poverty was everywhere, deep economic crisis and no future for the youngsters.
He has begun his career, in the business world by becoming an Independent Partner of few MLM Companies. In most of them was very successful and first time had a chance to visit huge MLM Seminar in Munchen, Germany in 2000. He heard many stories there and He firmly decided that He must succeed. If that was possible for other people, it was possible for Him as well. He made huge success there but due to administrative problems and lack of products in Serbia at that time, in that company. He needed money, He entered another company, European MLM at the very beginning of it’s a start. He made His record there by signing in the short period of time few thousand people. That was European record, actually.
Again, it was not meant to be because this European company, stopped working.

Without money and broken, He had to do something with His life. Trying to find a way out, He collects a team and they make the first Multimedia CD for The Queen of Gipsy Music, Esma Redzepova. That CD goes in the Nobel Committee for her attempt to win Nobel Prize.

Later on, He and another team make the first Multimedia CD for Skopje’s Life of Mother Theresa, named “Mother Theresa of Skopje” which was the first CD of that type in the World for Mother Theresa. Anyhow, neither of those 2 things made him made money or live better.

In 2003, He opens up His company, PXD System Intl. ( ), which had very tough time to succeed, in Macedonia, in very hard economic conditions. Many things were going against Him and those were the products that at that time were qualified as “Not possible to believe”. No matter of this fact, His strong belief made Him and his team create the fastest growing company in the region, with hundred thousand and more consumers. The company started to grow throughout the World.

The curiosity to be bigger, from a person afraid of talking in front of many people, He overcame His fear and became one of the best Speaker / Orator leading huge Business Seminars in front of Many people. The numbers of those Seminars is huge and the number of personal educations and business education lead that many new entrepreneurs were built. The most of his most ambitious employees in the company has built own private successful businesses. Goran is known as a passionate reader & throughout his life, he read many thousand books.
Meanwhile, throughout the pathway of his success, He has written five books:

  • Get Wealth with no Investment,…
  • Wear Your Success,…
  • Wealth is Success,…
  • Meet Your New One…
  • How to make the Elephant to Plant Paprika,…

All of them, teach us how to succeed through our own example. I need to be that, in order to show an example to others and help them build themselves, so they can succeed. One of His greatest personal coaching and Business education success has been achieved in 2015, when he starts Business Education and Personal Education to a person with personal bank loan debt between USD $ 5000-6000, rent debt of USD $ 1500 and mortgage debt of USD $ 150 000 and health issue of panic disorder. In several months, due to Goran constant and everyday Complete education, at the beginning of 2016 the person pays off all personal bank loan debt, rent debt, mortgage debt and thanks to PXDS products, that person was healed.

At the beginning of 2017, He discovers the World of Cryptocurrencies and has become a very successful trader. That would mean not only excellent at trading but at doing different strategies for different currencies for making money. His passion has always been making strategies for sales and marketing from nail to locomotive, so crypto-currencies fit His inevitable passion. In the August of 2017, He saw an advertisement on Facebook about Steemit, like social network and blogging network that pays for liking, blogging and commenting. The start was very tough for Him. He started from zero, with no investment, where nobody knew Him. He didn’t have any earnings for a long time, although making 10 posts a day. He was even placed on the Steemit blacklist and only thanks to His persistence, he was taken off it. At that period, He started making money, cent by a cent and in one moment by writing one of His best ever Blog “The Oldest Steemit Blogger in the World”, He makes his first 100-150 SBDs.


In 2018, He set up His Discord channel with His very famous and well known, in the Steemit World, Steem Schools. The Discord Channel has more than 8000 users and the number of His Followers on Steemit reaches almost 10000. In 2018, He made up His deep wish for owning His own Crypto-currency named CharitySea Coin and He and His team enters the new Enormous Kingdom with the unique philanthropic wish to help many people to educate themselves how to succeed and to help opening new Steem Schools all around the World…


See you on the top @dobartim
We win together - Steem Schools

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A very interesting life history sir @dobartim, you are a very lucky person. Living with dedication and discipline will have a positive impact on this life. your life is colorful and very interesting for us to take the lesson.
life experience full of dynamics, with discipline and hard work, you can reach the peak of extraordinary success. God bless you always.
The steemit platform is the best your Choise.


We win together

for some reason, amazing people come from nothing... perhaps because they know what it is to not have anything, making them feel like they don't want anyone else to feel that way


We win together

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Thank you

Me alegra mucho que nos cuentes de tu vida, de como eras antes y lo que eres ahora, Aunque estoy seguro que en esencia eres la misma persona, humilde y generosa que apoya emprendedores que pasan adversidades.
Es genial que hayas alcanzado tanto sueños comenzando desde cero, eso nos indica que eres capaz de alcanzar tus sueños porque eres valiente y constante en tus metas.
I am very happy that you tell us about your life, about how you were before and what you are now, although I am sure that in essence you are the same person, humble and generous, who supports entrepreneurs who experience adversity. It is great that you have achieved so many dreams starting from scratch, that tells us that you are capable of achieving your dreams because you are brave and constant in your goals



See you on the top


Gracias por tomarte el tiempo de leerme.

We win together @dobartim.

Thanks for all you do. I have missed Steemschools

Your story and mine have many coincidences, I was shy and I started sales precisely to overcome shyness, I then became a speaker who stood in stands of up to 500 people, I come from the traditional business world in the area of construction, enter the world of multilevel with great success but with the bad luck that the two companies imploded, I have written three books of personal improvement of which one is published in Amazon and the other two I have in waiting period for review, because I had to be the editor, the graphic artist and logically the author, I live in Venezuela, a country where it is difficult to progress honestly at this moment, but honesty and honesty is one of the values ​​that sowed in my parents. I am not a boy but I keep trying and as long as I have a breath of life I will persevere in achieving success. Part of my story is in an article that I published with the label of steemschools which I thought I was going to compete and it was not like that, because the challenge of that time was selfies Of course these days I am hurt by the Internet modem, which is about 15 steem, which in Venezuela is 40,000,000bs, a lot of money in a country where the basic monthly salary is 2,400,000bs or a salary of a year to replace it, but I keep trying.


Keep going

What is interesting to know and know how were its beginnings, and how in a professional way has been opening paths in this prestigious social network, for us you are an example to follow, and to become an entrepreneur and successful business people, thank you very much for your example..


See you on the top


sure my friend

Wow amazing g very interesting life story sir


Thank you

@dobartim, your story is such an inspiring one. You have worked so hard to get to where you are today. This shows that hard work can produce success and that is what you have done.

Thanks for inspiring me with your biography.

We win together.

Hello Mr Goran! It's so much exciting knowing so much about you! It's emotional and motivating as well. I love your Steemit journey --from zero to hero! You're a star and you're my mentor! You've taught a lot that even I that don't always have access to Internet every single time has learned to invest my time whenever I've got access. You so full of surprises, I never knew you were a writer! Though, your poems are really nice. This is so inspiring, this is so motivational! I love you @dobartim!!!

Through @tatjanastan I was able to know part of his biography, it is encouraging and motivating to know that you can achieve great dreams, proof that it is his example, that perseverance and dedication are important to achieve great goals. Preparation is another indispensable element for self-learning. Keep being an example for us, "he who helps without expecting anything in return, simply from the heart, will always do it well". That's why he has done well, greetings @dobartim.

Congratulations Mr. @dobartim, You are a great example of overcoming and help others to excel teaching their techniques. It's a great curriculum I wish I had half of that trajectory.

Sin duda alguna, es usted un gran ejemplo que debemos luchar por nuestros sueños sin temor a nada y con la convicción de llegar a donde queremos , gracias por existir y tener ese valor tan importante arraigado en su personalidad la humildad.

It's an inspiring story of our great mentor simply he teaches us never give up, see you on the top.
He is a man of hard will power and firm determination to get succeed in life.