Early DnD Game Shenanigans <3

in #dnd7 months ago (edited)

This past year I got back into DnD after a decade long winter :O

This post is a bit experimental, but I wanted to just share the sketches and comics I made during/after the various game sessions!

As a palette cleanser, here are some snippets from our first game a few months back:
Lily the hlaf-elf Eldritch Knight, AH! the Kenku bard, and Sam-of-the-Sea the changeling monk [yours truly] <3


AH! does not like sharing her potions.




One day, AH! will soar. One day...


Sam fed AH! a while back and couldn't get rid of her since. Eventually, this leads him to be cajoled out of the monastery to do some 'outside' work.

Jaiman was supposed to be escorted to the archives. He ended up being stabbed and dragged down a river. Good times~

I hope these little snippets are entertaining, because there's plenty more where that came from.
Any Dnd fans, give me a shout ' w' <3 !


XD poor jaiman


I have never tried actual DnD but i've played computer games that are based off DnD rules, and thems are fun :D ONE DAY I SHALL DND! THOUGH!

Love the hilarity and the gorgeous sketchies, Sean :D

THANK YOU ' w' !!!
Yeah~ most of my rpg experience has been via videogames rather than tabletop as well.
Since most of my friends don't live anywhere near me, this is an ample substitute for hanging out <3

AH! Is my favorite, what a cute little frog/bird thing 😄

That is the best description of AH! ever <3
Thank you!

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This makes me miss gaming myself. It sounds like your game wasn't much different than mine, at least in things going wrong. Thank you, you brightened my day.

You are most welcome!!
And Yup! 'Going sideways' seems like the default path for most parties. It's why DMs have to be so patient.