Welcome back, sir! Now is a very good time to make the kind of posts you used to do. The better the post, the better the rewards. You should take the opportunity because this might be a temporary thing. 😉

Hello and Thank You for the warm welcome :D!
This post was kind of like a little nudge for myself to post more material along with the comic.
I promise to provide even juicier and prolific content in the near future ;D !


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Thank you for the welcome along with the delicious cake ;3c !

Seaaaan <3 Long time no see you and beeees~

Wow~ Where have you been :D

Spiiiiiiiider { @ˊꈊˋ@ } <3!!!
It has been a long time! Too long!
I'm really glad to get posting again~
Funnily enough, we've been at home all this time, but lots of external events and work sapped away our resources and energy.
Once I realized I wouldn't be able to do Inktober this year, I promised myself I would at least get back onto Steemit.
Bee's more active on her other platforms, mainly because most of her colleagues and friends are on them.
As for me, Steemit has always been my quiet little corner and I'm glad to be back <3


it HAS been too long AAAAAAAAAAAA

wheres bee at, imma discord you (im also more active outside of steemit lately XD)

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Thank you ' w' !

Interesting drawing! And welcome back, It certainly been a long while. lol And I agree with @trincowski here. This is probably the best opportunity for you to make an impact. I'd even recommend using the tribes here. :)

Many thanks my friend <3!
I am still a wee bab when it comes to how Steemit functions, but I've always enjoyed it's eccentric nature, so I look forward to learning more about tribes and such!
It's good to be back!

You're very welcome Sean!

Yeah, I'm still learning more about this platform as well and I'm over a year in. XD Took a while to research here and understand effective tagging using the tribes to help your content be seen better as well as best times to post. Like for sure I'd recommend looking into nTopaz and Creativecoin and how they work being that you and Bees post artwork and those are art tribes. Of course there's more tribes to try too but those should certainly help you like they have for others and me. :)

Other than, nice to have you back. The more of the community, the better!