Dungeons & Dragons, Alone and with Friends

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I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a couple of years now, though it honestly doesn't feel like it at all. If I'm lucky I get to play the game once every month or two. There just aren't a lot of people in South Africa that's interested in this type of entertainment. I have found people that are interested, but they live very far away, too far away for us to get together every week to just play a game. That is why I sometimes just lose myself in the adventure modules.

When reading the adventure module it feels as if I'm playing the game by myself. I'm immersing myself in the lore and world that is Dungeons & Dragons. I don't need to wait for friends to decide if they are into this or not. I don't need to bribe other people to join for a couple of games. I can enjoy the amazing story on my own. This does, in fact, defeat the purpose of Dungeons & Dragons as it is a social game mean to be played with more people. Creating a legendary story with friends is an experience no other platform can give you. Though many people in this country have yet to develop an important part of their brain, their imagination.

Reading and collecting the adventure modules have given me an understanding of how they work and what they contain. There is usually an army of some sorts standing before you, They are lead by a leader or two or five, The setting is interesting and rich and there is loot everywhere. I have only played 5th edition and therefore only know of 5th edition adventure modules. Some modules include The Rage of Demons (underground demon slaying), The Tyranny of Dragons (evil cult summoning dragons), Curse of Strahd (vampire overlord in a gothic castle), Storm King's Thunder (conquering giants in a land of ice) and many more.

These adventure modules are excellent in creating a story and setting for the party to explore and lose themselves in. It creates a wonderful atmosphere in the game area where four to five friends can play for hours on end. What this game does better than video games is that there are no boundaries in this game as there are in video games. There are no limits. The rules are studied by the Dungeon Master and he then supervises the game that is being played by the players. These adventure modules provide everything for a dungeon master to run the game. Once this book is read through, the DM can run this game for his RPG group. One adventure module can typically last months on end if a group is coming together once every week for about four hours.

This game cannot be played alone. It's not supposed to be played alone. The point of this game is for it to be played with friends. Its the main goal is to bring together friends to enrich themselves in a world they could otherwise not be a part of. Video games might be more stunning, but it can't deliver this amount of freedom to its players.

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I bought my kids a starter kit the Christmas before last. They were all excited at the time, but they never followed through. I think it was too much like hard work. Everything is so immediate these days.

I should probably give them a hand. They shouldn't really have a problem finding people to play with.

Thanks for the reminder. I am sorry that you can't find anyone to play with. Is there a way of playing it online?

I know what you mean! Could be interesting to play online, great point! Thank you so much for this, Following YOU @matbaker!

If DnD is too much hard work you should probably check out another game, maybe something like Lasers&Feelings shameless plug, but there's also games specifically made for children like Happy Birthday, Robot!, or more narrative focused games like Dungeon World (Dungeon World also needs some rules reading as preparation, from the GM, but the players have it easy).

There indeed is a way of playing RPGs online: https://roll20.net/

Thanks. Your shameless plug worked, and I'll have a good look into it! The sci-fi angle definitely appeals to me more!

Sounds really cool. The creativity factor seems to be similar to comparing reading a book as opposed to watching a movie. Awesome!

I only played once with a couple of friends in High School. I enjoyed it, but I don't think it's entirely for me. Different strokes for different folks and I am glad that you shares your story with us and that some of us could relate to it.

remind me my childhood at age of 14. we play these type of games with best hodes. @lordnigel93 thanks mate u made my day

Dungeon and dragons is a very nice game, i havr played it

Never got into DnD unfortunately... Magic: The Gathering was/is more my thing. Ever played it?

This sounds interesting. I've been looking for a new game to play in a group. I love fantasy too. Totally adding this

Thank you so much for this, I would be very interested to learn more about it. At my school in America it was very very popular! Following YOU!

It's sad to me to think people are not up for playing D&D. My son doesn't have a regular group but he has a regular practice of creating characters and his own worlds and stories. We need to find him a group, and lucky for us, they just opened one for his age range at the local library.

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i want to play it :)

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