More transparency for dMania supporters

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I have updated the supporters page on dMania and made it more transparent. Now everyone can see how much every dMania supporter has earned so far. On dMania, 15% of the rewards of every post are distributed among dMania supporters. The Chosen Ones System selects three Chosen Ones from the dMania supporters and assigns them 5% of the rewards when someone creates a post or comment. You can see the selected Chosen Ones on every post on dMania. If you want more information about dMania supporters read the beta release post.

The Chosen Ones System makes it possible to get high rewards as a supporter even with a small delegation. @aranda has been a supporter for a week and will receive $4.5 for 20 Steem Power. That's a pretty good ROI. If you haven't received any rewards as a supporter yet, just be patient. Everyone has been a Chosen One at least once. You just have to be lucky once and get selected as a Chosen One on a high rewarded post.

Global Stats

On the supporters page you can now see the global statistics from dMania. dManiacs have received $1400 and will receive $690 on the next payout. dMania supporters have delegated 35k Steem Power so far. Thanks to all dMania supporters. Thanks to @xeldal for delegating 20k SP 😊.

Whale supporters

I am still looking for some whale supporters. Whale supporters are important to generate high rewards for people on dMania. High rewards will attract new users to dMania and Steem. dMania is besides @utopian-io, only the second app on Steem that has a supporter/sponsor system. @utopian-io has already collected over 4 million Steem Power. I hope that some big utopian sponsors like @freedom, @misterdelegation, @ned, @transisto, @wackou or @cryptoctopus will see the potential in dMania and delegate some Steem Power to dMania too.

Support dMania

To become a dMania supporter, you have to delegate some Steem Power to dMania. The minimum is only 5 Steem Power. By delegating Steem Power, you are lending your Steem Power to dMania. The Steem Power still belongs to you.
The more Steem Power you delegate, the higher your chance to become a Chosen One. The dMania bot uses the collected Steem Power to upvote posts on dMania.


There are already 45 dMania supporters.

and many more...

If you have any questions join our new Discord server

Please upvote, post and comment on dMania to support this project. Every single upvote counts. You can contact me on or discord if you find any bugs or if you have ideas for new features. Please resteem and upvote this post and tell everyone you know who likes memes about dMania. Together we can make Steem and dMania great. Follow @dmania and @zombee to get the latest updates about this project. 

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This is smart.

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Sound like lucky draw for those who delegate SP to Dmania.


Only short term. Long term supporters will get their exact percentage eventually.
With the Chosen One System small supporters have a chance to get something. On utopian-io the would only get $0,001 or so.

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yes boss.. gonna ship them some power now

awesome job with dmania ! Is it possible to have the chosen ones as the 1st comment on the post so the chosen ones are notified about their post? Also, what about inactivity on the site and lack of voting etc ? Seem to be a waste to be a chosen one and then never vote. Is there a way to incentivize more activity ? I bring this up not to complain but to make dMania a more active community. Also, there seems to be many unoriginal memes right now. Let me know what I can do to help.


Unfortunately that' not possible atm. Like all users on Steem, I can only create a comment every 30 seconds.
I am working on other things now and will improve the engagement later on. Maybe some notification system would help. But that's not so easy to implement and will take time.

Transparency is cool. I've only looked at dmania once, I'll check it out again

a transparency sounds good for me ^^ upped, resteemed man @zombee

upvoted and resteemed.

Hy follow me. I will follow you back.

Great job. Thank you for sharing !

i have done to your post and its your turn to my post.please upvote my post y earnings are very poor

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dMania nedir?