dMania is down for now because of a mining script attack

in dmania •  2 years ago 

Somehow dMania got infected with a crypto mining script. I don't know how it got there. Maybe some malicious library or a xss attack.  

I took down dMania to protect all users until I fix it. ( dMania-bot is also down and won't upvote anything).
All your keys are safe, because no keys are stored or entered via dMania. Everything key related is handled via SteemConnect.

I want to clarify that I had nothing to do with the mining script. Mining scripts have even infected big websites like YouTube in the past ->,news-26530.html. This can potentially happen to every website.
I take this threat very seriously and try to resolve it as fast as I can.

dMania will be online again when the issue is resolved.

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Good, I saw a post about Dmania mining and I think you had to clarify this, thanks for the update. By the way I don't post on Dmania but of course I do visit to see what's new there.

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Some people do try to make it like you did it...


Long live @dmania!

so sad.... my luck is very bad...that i always post on dmania bt i didnt get vote....and now the site down...i am frustrating

This is great btw! I love it!

you and me both

turning it off and on again.jpg

I thought something to laugh couldn´t be wrong in these hours. ;)
Thanks for your work!

Thanks @zombee for being upfront and transparent. I have faith in what you are doing. Keep it up! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. There's probably tons of work to do to maintain the site. Cheers!

I hope the problem will be solved very quickly.We have faith on you people.Thank's for sharing with us.


its shit and its not original works, justice if ask me

if don't like it don't use it then some of us love dmania

Apppreshh! Waiting for you guys to get back 😀

Down for me, I almost panicked and cried. no morning funnies for me :(

Hope you find a solution quickly. Good luck man!

@zombee i hope you are able to fix this and get dMania back up and running. when you do i will be there posting like i always do.

Good luck! Hope you'll fix the issue asap... Thanks for the info mr @zombee

Hey @zombee will you tell us how the script got there when you figure it out so many of us can try and protect our sites too?

Okay! Thanks for the update! Was quite shocked when I was going to post my spicy memes and couldn't enter to dmania :( . I hope we can get it back quick and continue our daily dosis of memes.

OK, we will wait for it to get back on.

Good luck in fixing the problem @zombee.

Good post. Its nice content. Thanks for sharing.

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thanks for the information @zombee

3-4 years ago,
A virus infected my "local" pc. It has add 1 line iframe/javascript code all html files. Antivirus program could not find because that innocent. I was deleting all files from server and upload my local backup(!) to server :)
When page runing that line was loading real code.

You can control all external request in html/iframe and js.

Hope you will fix things as soon as you can and dmania goes live once again. We trust you. And I can't hold my memes in my stomach for long.... :))

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Hope this can be resolved easily...Thanks man

Thanks for the update @zombee
Hope things get better soon. :)

Thanks for the update man. It can happen to anyone, as long as you are keeping us in the loop everything should be fine. Resteemed)

Good to know and thanks for the clarification @zombee ! best of luck to you moving forward ! 😀👍

Thank you for your honesty and transparency. Im an even bigger fan of you and dmania now. Here is a little something to cheer you up from Merlin, my goat:


So that's what's going on. I tried to get on Dmania and I got the "site can't be reached" screen. Thanks for the update

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I appreciate this @dmania @kid4life

Now you do, editing your comment doesn't make it right

ahahhaah. What did he wrote?

something like "@dmania needs to be down 4ever..."

I guess the bot doesn't really appreciate his stolen memes