Fishing Brick - Everyone needs one! How else will you know if you should go to work or go fishing?

in dmania •  2 years ago 
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Love It! Had to resteem that one. Do you know if they make a hunting version too?

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Just bought mine an hour ago. My previous fishing brick broke.

beautiful sunset views

Haha! Nice one! Need to get one.

When is your birthday?
I'll try to remember...
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I would throw it at the ground, just in case. Knowing my luck it would get stuck in a freaking tree and hey ho, off to work I go...

LOL That's funny right there!

I gotta try this brick out tomorrow

Best of luck to you! 🙃


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😎 Very cool @thundercurator! Thanks!

  • Best of luck to your new project. I think it is a great idea!