My Roommate Just Dropped This Gem Into My Head... FFS

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First off, this is NOT my brainchild but my roommate Adam's creation..

He came into my office and I told him Stephen Hawkings had died.. He basically without skipping a beat started hypothesizing that he'd already been dead for years and programmed AI (artificial intelligence) into his wheelchair to give the illusion he was still alive.

I thought about it, had a hell of a laugh to the point of tears, stated we both just solidified our tickets to hell for laughing at the poor guys death and proceeded to make this meme... I'm not a fan of memes as we all know but it would have been even more f**ked up blasphemy and if I'd taken the time to draw a comic about it.

Not a shred of disrespect intended towards the late Stephen Hawking.. But Adam's idea had to be shared to the blogchain..

If I go to hell for having a giggle at his idea, so be it


AI (artificial intellegence) is very good concep. Very important for knowlegde.

Staying alive as a human was a feat indeed considering most victims of ALS die within like 5 years. Hawking survived fucking over 50 years!

76 according to googles count.. Which is basically unheard of.

My own dad lasted 2.5 years...

He didn't even hit the wheelchair stage, which was honestly a blessing.

ALS is just fucked up.

Not that but something like this could be possible ;)

@ura-soul was talking about it

I guess nothing is too soon anymore lol..

Nothing is sacred. And in a meme no less. I feel dirty.

This has been talked about online for years - it could be true! Well, actually, the claim is that he was alive (or cloned), but had his 'science' inserted for him by others to manipulate mass consciousness. He lived for decades longer than was predicted. ;)

I had not heard this theory.. Is entirely possible given our current technology.. Hell, hitler was mucking about with cloning from some documents I've read back in the late 40's... 0 _ 0

According to numerous alleged whistleblowers, cloning technology is WAY ahead of what is talked about in public - so yeah, entirely possible... :/

Oh i feel so sad on his death. May ALLAH grant him high rank in JANNAT. AMEEN.

This is an entire gem mine!

Was the AI his conscious?

Did an update for the AI fail?

This my people have to see! Resteemed!

I have no idea. I literally laughed myself into tears and had to debate myself on if this was a "too soon" scenario or if it was actually comedic gold at the expense of a (perhaps) recently deceased inspirational person to me.

Either way, Kudos to Adam for making me laugh when I was feeling a bit down. I'm sure Mr. Hawking would have giggled at the theory as well, guy certainly had a sense of fun.

I do not think he was the type to get offended by possible over-estimations of his genius.

At least the meme will spark a conversation about transferring human conscious to digital systems in the form of an AI. I tend to think this kind of expansion of science is something he would have or will appreciated.

That is what my life's work is going to be aimed at actually once I get further down the rabbit hole of machine learning and software engineering.

I want to be able to directly interface with systems.. Perhaps even replicate my own consciousness or be able to upload it into the machines. KLYENET

The question that has always bothered me is: after replicating your consciousness, which of the multiple instances of your consciousness is the real you?

This question is more relevant if the multiple instances are on separate machines that do not sync with each other, thus the instances will have different experiences, receive different information, and gain different knowledge.

Even if the machines hosting the different instances finally get synced, how do you reconcile conflicting information from the different instances?

How do you reconcile Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator from The Terminator (1984) with that from Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)?

So, like...the gag became boring?

The problem is, this theory has way to much FACT in it.

He only talked through a synthesizer.
He should have been dead years and years ago from his disease.
No one ever questions the guy in a wheel chair.
He was the perfect puppet.

All of his theories were in an area such as to keep people from finding the truth. In specific, his string theory to pave over the holes in the theory of relativity... are all disproven by the electric universe model. So, the idea that they kept the wheelchair around for so long to keep the truth hidden is plausible.

You can have a ticket to hell too I guess.. I giggled... So I'll double up my ticket I guess.

Faaaak. 😂

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