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How are you dMania

How are you?

Yeah, think so..

Have you ever tried a disguise?

This post reminds me of the movie "Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me" and the scene in the tent. It looks quite the same.. :)

hah :D I'd exactly the same thought, but I think it was in another movie as well

Wow, kakak dapat vote sebesar ini. wkwkwkwk

Hihihi thanks dek rizky

Iya kak sama sama hehe

what is the name of movie

This is from an Indian movie Kya Kool Hai Hum

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Sabe trending postingan droneh eu.. @khairamuliani #salam sukses

Terimakasih @sulaiman4917 😊 saleum meturi chit

It is not good to get drunk .... It causes alot of bad effect......

Lol menurut kamu apa yang menarik di video ini

Sangat menarik... teungeuh di jeup ie sirup cap 88.. hahaha

oo my god
must be very scary ..
please follback..

Assalamualaikum, salam kenal, saya baru di steemit beri saran dan masukan untuk saya agar bisa seperti kakak

Really hilarious, I like it. :-)

Haha pengaruh minuman keras memang gila

Help me with your vote.....

i like your postingan

😂 LOL.
Nice to meet u all beat regard from me @suararakyat

bereh that. sigo dapat vote dmania meuapui-apui. saleuem meuturi cut kak.

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My name is muhammad rizal
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Thank you

Ok. I like this

this is stolen from austin powers :o

Tolong vote postingan saya juga la @khairamuliani

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Hehee keren kak

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