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Smart move on their part. If you can't beat them, buy them! Here come the big banksters to the crypto party!

Always a long term fan & user of poloniex & dismayed to hear it's been sold on to circle.
I always wondered how much he was making a day & pondering it, I guess his market share was dwindling but poloniex daily volumes has always made for interesting inspiration.
I just wonder if tristan had the foresight to see 2018 being the beginning of use by the majority of decentralised exchanges.. But still.. wouldn't you just let it run and make you something forever?


I think that maybe the owner assumed he was rich enough and had money for the rest of his life to live however he wanted worry-free. I think it's very important to recognize when you have enough and use the rest of your life to actually enjoy it, as opposed to worrying about legal, technical, payment, security and volatility issues. The stress and workload of running such a huge company takes all the joy out of life. Well, at least that's one man's opinion.

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For $400 million and no headaches. Doesn't sound too bad to me.

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Very smart why not just own crypto companies then be of use to them

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Problems are created from every strict rule, hahahah


nice,,, amazing,,, hahahaha

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