The Most Forward-Thinking Man in the World

in dmania •  last year  (edited)

Had this silly idea since the Cryptocurrency Show in Hammersmith. Today, I finally laid my hands on the meme generator. What say you, good people of Steemit ?

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Monetization, if any, is just a side effect. The key is getting to know wonderful people, exchanging ideas, sharing passions. If it gives more than expected - hurrah. If not - it's still worth it.
Have you started the trip yet?


You are right, however the meme is focusing on the fact that besides the big SOCIAL in media, you are able to reap some tangible rewards, which is always nice ;) Obviously the social aspect leaves a longer lasting effect. Currency is temporary.

Norma has only just found a tenant for her property, hence the plans were pushed back a little, but on the track again, thank you for asking. I hope you are well too ! =)


Baking away! :)

Excellent post!