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Dlux Advert

Approve Steem DAO Funding of 166 SBD per Day for Development

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Daily Accounting

Total Supply: 11450068.791 DLUX

  • 1947276.187 DLUX liquid
  • 8300000.000 DLUX Powered up for Voting
  • 1202792.604 DLUX in distribution accounts
    1651.812 DLUX has been generated today. 5% APY.
    0.1250 is the marketing rate.
    0.2125 is the node rate.
    206.476 DLUX moved to Marketing Allocation.
    51937.637 DLUX is in the Marketing Allocation.
Node Rewards for Elected Reports and Escrow Transfers
  • @_disregardfiat awarded 160.902 DLUX for 303 credited transaction(s)
  • @dlux-io awarded 9.027 DLUX for 17 credited transaction(s)
  • @inconceivable awarded 160.902 DLUX for 303 credited transaction(s)
  • @markegiles awarded 20.179 DLUX for 38 credited transaction(s)

330.371 DLUX set aside for @dlux-io delegators

ICO Status

We have 898283.978 DLUX left for sale at 0.22 STEEM in our Pre-ICO.

Once this is sold pricing feedback on our 3 year ICO starts.Buy 45.455 DLUX* with 10 Steem now!

DEX Report

Spot Information

  • Price: 0.222 STEEM per DLUX
  • Price: 0.100 SBD per DLUX

Daily Volume:

  • 0.000 DLUX
  • 0.000 STEEM
  • 0.000 SBD

Visit dlux.io
Find us on Discord
Visit our DEX/Wallet - Soon
Learn how to use DLUX
Turn off mentions for nodes and delegators or back on
*Price for 25.2 Hrs from posting or until daily 100,000.000 DLUX sold.

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