Dlive - Deleted AMA - Why Sep. 25th?

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In this HwZ 114 I talk more about dlive. This video would have been up yesterday, but steemconnect seems to be having issues that has cause uploading issues. I recorded almost the entire AMA with Kent (Dlive CEO) and was able to get him to answer 1 question, Why Sep. 25th? This AMA was very difficult to watch, the body language alone cause me to really question why Kent did an AMA (then deleted it). After the AMA stream I went and hung out with Calimeatwagon on his stream and found out what happened at the start of the AMA which I missed.

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It's honestly pathetic that guy complained he couldn't pay for servers with 2M SP delegated to them? LOL How about tokenize DLive as an SMT than create a reward pool for people to provide the computing power or whatever they needed. Or use your voting power from 2M in delegation to pay employees. LOL How can an entrepreneur be so brain numb that they can't figure out any way to incentivize actions with 2M SP. It's laughable to even use that as an excuse. That is playing dumb and blaming the blockchain.

I hated that streaming platform, I see the creator for the first time. Lino will never be better than steem. It's better to not look for answers for those questions. We have streaming in @dtube so why we need an other place, he has to come stream in @dtube and let see what will happen. lol

By the way where @calimeatwagon is streaming ? I liked the thing when he got upvoted and got those notifications.


@clixmoney I disagree that we should stop looking for answers. I think we need to learn as a community from this and not shy away from the truth.


We need other site for streaming because Dtube IT should focus on videos and video lifetime because now Dtube is not usable for me if my videos will disapear after one month.

There is grate alternative for streaming - @Vimm and instead of doing video and livestream they are focusing on livestreming.

So what does he mean when he speaks about the Economic model of Steem being an issue. Maybe the only issue. Did he explain what he meant? That would be interesting to know.


Feel free to read the steem white paper for more detail on how the economic structure of steem works.