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My week at the Steem Creators Summit in Pictures

in dlive •  7 months ago

It's always the best to meet people in person... have a cup of coffee, laughters join spirits that's for sure... I kind of I am sad I didn't apply for the Steemfest... I feared to travel alone and I could not afford halfsies with my partner... so I kind of self-boicoted myself a little even having intended to hahah XD and I am kind of moody regretting it... Starting to making short travels alone this October (after a while) for small performances. Trying to get over

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There will be a few more contests in the next days, now you have virtually no excuse since you just confessed right now!!!! :D


hahah but I have one XD. I won't deny I want to go :** That was never the problem :). Sent you a dm :) it will explain :) hahah though you never know :)