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RE: ❤️ 3500 followers Milestone! Contest: Giving away 3.5k SP Delegation!

in #dlive2 years ago

That's awesome Karen
Thank God I have got 310Sp(my own) + 600Sp(delegated)<1000sp...:D
So Karen count me in!!!
I am so sure that I can win...for I have got an awesome plan...


Xabi! I cannot wait to read your entry :)

Yeah ....Planing it already Karen...

Karen do you accept bribe...Lolzzzzz

I love cake and puppies! :)

Yeah me to...Especially the chocolate ones....

Yum! Chocolate puppies....

@bengy I love how i was reading these comments and i scroll down and i see your added comment saying "Yum! Chocolate puppies" gave me a decent laugh. Everything led up to your comment perfectly haha :P

Couldn't help it! Sorry I hijacked the thread!

Lol. No she don't. 👅👅👅

hahaha but puppies are soooo cute :P

Haha. I will be watching

Karen, do you accept recommendations? Give @xabi the prize. He's a thoughtful individual. :)

Thank bro for putting a recommendation for me...I owe you so much, my steemit teacher!!!