Did you ever go to jail?

Fucking LOL bro you seriously fucked yourself, how the fuck could you ever think doing all of this was a good plan, unless you're limiting the release of your project to only mainland china. Holy fuck.

Time to call the ONO people in few months ....

Youre such a fuck up Kent that i feel sorry for you. Its clear from your posts and comments that you didnt expect the backlash..

Let me give you a short marketing 101 course from someone with a marketing degree... Put it in your CV.
"People that dislike your service tell 3 times more people about not liking it then those that enjoy it, tell people about liking it".

Youre such an opportunistic parasite that you are now a liability to Lino because you draw in negative attention from one of the most active and outspoked blockchains out there.
The idiot Tone Vays screwed Steem over so much that if it wasnt for his bs Steem would have a billion $ market cap....
Now consider when you have 100s of Tone Vays at your throat,minus the idiot part.

you just played yourself

Get yourself a degree in common sense and human decency.