Let's Create a Brand Together for The New DLive

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To our friends of DLive,

DLive is in the process of re-branding and we want our new logo to come from the Community. The team has been working on new designs for the website, playing with different color palettes and yes, a night mode for all the users that have been requesting it, but now we need your help. We are looking for talented designers to enter this contest and have a chance to have your design become the official DLive logo.

The DLive Team has had many discussions and we have decided that we want to theme our logo around ninjas. In the future, you will see themed gifts with cute ninjas and much more.

Why did we choose ninjas?
When you look for the word ninja on dictionary.com you will be presented with the definition of “a person who excels in a particular skill or activity.” I could not think of a better definition to describe what the DLive content creators and viewers represent.

Logo Requirements

  • The logo MUST have a ninja in one form or another.
  • The logo MUST have yellow incorporated into it.
  • The logo MUST be submitted here.
  • The design image MUST be posted on this blog post as a comment with a design/concept explanation.
  • This logo MUST be 100% original and not violate any copyrights.

Please keep in mind that this logo will be on the website, printed on clothing, branded on future products, used in forms, used in social media posts and much more.

This contest will be hosted in 2 rounds and is open to everyone! Anyone can participate and submit their logos.

Round 1

The first round is starting today and the submission deadline is Friday, August 30 at 11:59PM Pacific Daylight Time. The winners of round 1 will be announced shortly after.

To participate:

  1. Submit your logo design here.
  2. Submit a comment on our blog post by attaching your design in the comments section.
  3. Multiple design submissions are allowed.

Make sure to head to the blog and vote for your favorite designs. The voting deadline is Wednesday, September 5.

At the end of this round, 3 designs will be selected by the DLive Team for Round 2. As a bonus we will also be rewarding the top 5 most voted logos from round 1 with $20 USD or equivalent in STEEM.

Round 2

During the 2nd round, the DLive Team will select a logo and designer to work with and make the revisions required to the original submission and then cement it as the official DLive logo. This talented designer will be rewarded with $500 USD or equivalent in STEEM.

The announcement on the official logo will be shortly after Wednesday, September 5th.

The winner of the contest will have to provide the logo in the source format (PSD, AI, EPS, PDF) and sign over all rights to the design to DLive.

Vote For Your Favorite Design

Head to the blog and vote for your favorite design. We want the input of each and every DLive Community member. This is your chance to get involved and take part in the future of our platform. The voting deadline is Wednesday, September 5.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions for this contest and I wish everyone the best of luck. Remember that this contest is not limited to Steem users, if you have a friend that is a talented logo designer, please have them join the contest. We are offering the prize as an incentive but we hope that the winner will take pride in this logo because your design will be used on all DLive products, which will be an influential platform in the future.

#WeBuildOurDLive #InDLiveWeTrust

Best Regards,
Charles Wayn (Kent)
CEO, DLive


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The design you make takes the base of the ninja camouflage behind the shadows here I put it in the letter d then take the kanji of the word ninja where it shows that the warrior is in the city, representing the letter I with the weapons that most uses the Ninjas. Representing that ninjas are in the shadows anywhere in the city.

This logaría with a simple style in which the line with the lines that is the speed of a ninja is always a nice design



The above is my entry for the dlive logo contest.
If you can notice and as instructed you will see the ninja head with the caption that says dlive which shows that as long as videos and live visual is concern dlive has excel and succesed in making steemians display through video.
Also if you notice I have made my design with
black and yellow. The yellow means☀ sunshine of with dlive is shining over any other platform in terms of video..... The black means honour and loyalty.

Nice lots of cool designs :0

its good to be a part of this contest and below are my entries and the logos i am dropping for now ... the colors and the shape could also be adjusted based on the user's desire or need.

following the logo design rule of colors yellow inclusion and the ninja below are the meaning of the objects in the logo
1 Color red means energy and strength of Dlive among its contemporaries

  1. Purple is related to respect
  2. Black is honor
  3. The yellow is sunshine, meaning Dlive outshines the rest
  4. Then we also have the play, fast forward buttons
    the live text was inserted in that format to portray the message LIVE as it will ring in one mind when looking at such image even without reading the text.







This is a beautiful design I must say

I like what you did here. This is a very beautiful design

Nice design dear. Well done

This is a nice design

Awesome entry I must say.

Very nice design. Wish you good luck sister.

This is outspeakably beautiful!
Never knew you could design something this beautiful. 👍👍👍
Good job!

So youcan design as good as this

A fine design for Dlive. Wishing you a happy win afterall

Cool design, I hope you win this

@dlive should approve this. Awesome

Lovely design that is

Purple is perfect man

Its quits ok @peakreal1 you are really doing a nice job.

This is so great, I hope you win

Great designs....

Nice one bro. Keep up the good work.

great stuff


This is my concept for your new logo.

It contains a letter D that I transformed into a ninja. I included the color that was requested. Ninja's eye shape is made to copy a space between headband and scarf. There are no gradients used, shading is done via different colored vector shapes. I also made a small shuriken and placed it instead of the dot above the letter 'i' for the final touch.

Everything can be edited to achive your desired results.

Thank you for the opportunity!



Here my design all :)

I hope you like it :) <3


First concept. Hopefully posting two more by the deadline. Stay tuned! I also submitted to the blog post here.


Concept 3 - Trying to go a little cuter with this one. Ninja face with two katanas. Trying to offer as many different looks as possible. Not much direction other than "ninja" and "yellow", so hopefully one of these sticks. Aiming to squeeze one more in by tonight.

Clean and Nice !! good job @mrgodby

Concept 2 - Ninja throwing shuriken through "D". One logo, four different uses.


Concept 4 - More in the direction of a full-fledged mascot if you're looking to go that route. Mostly just having fun with this one. This is my last entry. Good luck everyone!


Nice project, I wish I had the talent to contribute.
Keep up the great work.

Hey guys !! This is my entry.

This is are entries.. I hope am not too late
DLive MockUp_Paper.jpg
DLive Shop Facade Logo MockUp.jpg

My entry logo on a gradient background


Logo with t-shirt mockup




I sincerely love the logo on the T-shirt. Nice job Sir

My entry



Designs pouring in! Well, even though they need to be posted and voted on in the other blog, I will include one of the versions here on steem, for fun and pleasure!


Greetings, DLive Team,
I decided to share with you some simple projects for the DLive logo contest.
What I have worked on is the development of a ninja symbol combined with the letter D.

The main element I choose from the ninjas' weapons is a kunai just because of the fact that the blade resembles the play button. My inspiration came from the preview pic of your post - it has a small minimalist form of kunai under the logo. ^.^

I wasn’t very sure about the direction of the kunai so decided to make couple of variations of this idea. There are total of three to this submission, each on a white and dark/black background.
Here's a link to my post for more info:

Hope you like them and good luck to all participants! ^.^
Best regards!

Yeah, I think I'll do this one.


Love These Contests !

The ninja can be animated to perform a variety of attention getting moves in animated gif's and videos.
Also this logo is only two primary colors so it is easy to perform all logo requirements and still look presentable such as t-shirts and print This is a simple png and it would be fairly easy to render all aspects of the logo in blender for that cool 3D look.

DLIVE Logo Contest update. Into the blender we go. First run through. I am sure the ninja needs some more work.

I say a very big thank you to the Dlive team for the oppotrunity given to the steemit community in this logo design contest,
following the rules stated in the blog about three major components to be included in the logo: the ninja, Dlive, and the color yellow below are my other definition to the logo I created for the Dlive brand.
The colors means

  1. white has so many meanings but here it means perfection
  2. purple means royalty
  3. yellow means sunshine i.e Dlive shining forth
  4. The two blue colors means the color of the steem blockchain on which Dlive is built
    5 we can see the ninja shape of hair and face in another logo
  5. we can see the mask the ninja is putting on
  6. we have the crest meaning noblilty
  7. we aslo can see the ninja swords above the crest
  8. the pause and play button
  9. The ninja knife

Logo 1


*Logo 2
2 png.png

Logo 3

I love the last design, it will be cool on shirt

Wish you all the best, you have a nice design.

Cool designs here

I love the shape in the design here its matching the concept of the ninja

I wish you win this buddy

The second design looks awesome ... I love it

Dlive should pick logo 3

Another master piece of a design is here ... I give the to you dear

This designs are so cool in night modes ... Anybody seeing this too?

Nice concepts , would love the first design though

Dlive will wear a new logo with any of this. Go go go

What a amazing design. I wish dlive should check this and pick anyone of them

The designs here are so wonderful, dlive pls choose one here

These are wao! I love what im seeing here

Impressive designs here, i love logo 3

What a cool logos, i prefer logo 3

Logo3 is ok for me. I wish dlive should pick logo3. I love it so much

I've already submitted my logo on the blog. But you can check the post I made with some of its variants.
Hope you like it ;)

hey uhm, I need some help

I haven't submitted the forms on that airtable thing
It seems that I can't turn my picture to a pdf file? Is there any way to reccomend how to convert my stuff to pdf because I'm using my phone to draw and I could use some help about that.

Here are my submissions right now! Please help me with this issue 🙏😅

Unnecesary night mode cuz why not

The link: https://steemit.com/art/@maya525/dlive-logo-contest-with-unnecessary-night-mode-art-process-finding-balance-to-myself

The explanation on why or process of it is there :D

That is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Thankyou very much!! I still need help to submit the drawing about this pdf stuff,,

Hi @wa7 ! I am back with my first submission, and may enter again! hope you like it!I find DLive to be Electric and Charged with Ninja Like Qualities! ✌👌👍

These are my proposals!



This is my entry to the contest, I made the logo and I wanted to make the banner. I hope you like it





Make sure to submit your design on the proper blog post in the comments. You can find it here.

thanks, I already did

Great entry it really pops!👍👍👍

Excellent Design


Please disregard the previously submitted logos

Where is the yellow, ninja? I like them.

The Ninja is there..... he's just hiding really good.

These are really good, but unfortunately have nothing to do with the contest rules.

Please make sure your submission is on the correct blog as a comment. The links are in the post.

Do people need to upvote there or here!? I have 5 upvotes here but no one knows to go there to the blog post . Or will both count as far as. upvotes go!?😳

I wanted to retain the current function of the word 'Dlive' and to add an isotype to it that would identify it as a platform along the way. I used the circular form thinking of being able to make future animations inside it (loading screens, play, etc.) and as it was the ninja theme I preferred to include a basic vision of it before trying to join many forms related to the theme that didn't really say anything. From my point of view the best thing is to call the public with a nice view of the product.

Hope you like

Dlive logo by zaxan-02.png

Good day everyone, here is my Entry, I used CorelDRAW software to design this image, I decided to make the ninja face expression feels more like someone that is very optimistic and ready for action to promote Dlive Platform.

This image has been uploaded to a Facebook page of mine with 61,570 Followers

For me, I think my ninja design is already in action.

Make sure to submit your design on the proper blog post in the comments. You can find it here.

I have done that...

WOW !!! That logo have to win :D I love this

My third design, you can see Dlive's well-known letter D being attacked by a Shuriken blast and behind her a ninja covering her attack, I hope you like it.




This is my second design, likewise using the same concept of a ninja holding in his hands the famous symbol of Dlive the letter D, with some yellow details and some glare effects to highlight


Hello, I want to share with you my participation in the contest, I created a logo using a ninja as the centerpiece and the typical D of Dlive with some personalized touches, I think that even if you want to look for a new logo, it must have the well known D that identifies Dlive, I gave it some touches with the yellow color and I placed some Shuriken that are a type of knife in the shape of stars from Japan, I hope you like it.

dlive _ninja2.1.jpg

dlive _ninja2.2.jpg

dlive _ninja2.jpg

Here is my idea. Ninja live :D

dlive logo.png

Well here we go...dlogo..jpg
I really liked the idea of using the D as the mask, I also tried to have a little semblance to the old logo with the "triangle" eye. I had about 50 designs but really liked this one for it's simplicity and logo branding.
Thanks and I hope you guys like it!

Gl hf everyone

Hi everyone this is my entry to this incredible logo design contest. Because I believe a logo has to be simple but effective and, take in to account the amazing ninja theme, I decided to do this yellow and black logo with the head of a ninja as the dot of the "i". As you see, the logo clearly shows what Dlive is in the moment you see it, creating a cool and fun presence for every person who wants to join the platform.

Also i made a post to spread this awesome contest.

Good luck to everyone,


Hello @wa7, Pls I have a little observation I would like to make.
Since there would be night mode on the website very soon. Does that mean that a logo with a black color would be disadvantaged while you are picking the winners because a black coloured logo wont be visible on the website when it is in night mode

I see this logo as showing a happiness to a ninja to become a true streamer :D

I wonder why the ninja :O

this second logo design

Dlive.pngkraker.pngDlive 1.pngDlive 4.png

Here are my logos. They are all minimalistic and original logos that are appropriate for the concept. None of the images used in them are taken from somewhere else, they are all made by me.
Here is what the logo with the crescent shape symbolizes: Ninjas are known to go out in the night, when it is dark and therefore they can do whatever they want to do without the risk of seen from someone else. So, it is a symbol for the secrecy of the ninjas,
And the other one has a more friendly and intimate looking. And it has a ninja vector.

My Dlive username: @onlymirana

Interesting! Good luck :). Looking forward to see the different designs too!

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I'm in for this!

I particularly enjoy the submission by wowprogression on your blog post!

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Hi @wa7 that is a great great idea. User designing Dlive's logo is very wonderful.

So nice compition. i will try it.

The best blog post I went through. It encourages graphic designer as well as they are giving rewards for good work . Best luck guys .:)

Am in, let me tell my brother to start design asap

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I can translate this post to Hindi. And resteem it back to my profile. You can promote it in India to some good profiles with good reputation to get more upvotes and hots to the post.thanks.

i can design logo wait for a couple month please :))

Hello wa7 osm design. ...

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Here is my entry


yellow ninja A yellow ninja huh? thats one conspicuous ninja. :P

I always viewed her more as a samurai rather than ninja, but the yellow is a perfect fit.

Hi, how are you? Be part of my group of friends Follow me and I will follow you .. We will be very much in touch

Looking forward to seeing some awesome designs.

Your work is awesome im waiting for your design...good lock guys...

Rebranding is good strategy for any product , let’s see how D live carries this , I am excited abt this

Excellent initiative, I hope to appreciate all the designs.

Can this be Ninja related like shuriken?

I'm happy that you evolving into sometimes bigger and I think one day DLive will be bigger than centralized companies

Good luck

Hey! We just submitted our entries following the contest rules and indications in the comments of this post where everyone can vote the comment with the liked logo. You can also find all our entries and explanations our blog post.

I love the "ninja" concept. Feels stealthy. :)

Can't wait to see all the entries and there will be YELLOW involved! I love the colorrrrr hahaha

Hello DLivers, My name is Atilgan Sabir and im an artist. My dream is becaming a illustrator and this is my logo for the DLive. I hope you like it. I love ninja themes



good nice post

done it but still not perfect..waiting to be uploaded and the result :D

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interesting idea! Good luck!:)

hey hey @wa7 can i translate this post to spanish? there are so many artist in our community that reaaally can draw ;D

Good day! This is my trial for this blog. This logo illustrates a dirty potato ninja.

DLIVE sample logo.jpg

DLIVE 2.jpg

After a long thought I came up with this.
First of all I left the logo in a white background to depict peace, this is because dlive is a community that supports peace.
Secondly ,the ninja is in motion, anyone conversant with the concept of ninjas can tell how fast they are, this is to show efficiency of dlive and it's speed of operation and ease of video upload.
The dot in the small letter ‘i’ is replaced with a tongue of fire to represent the burning desire in the heart of everyone at dlive to create quality.
Finally the V in yellow is in the form of the ‘play’ icon, which is in the space in the capital D in the previous dlive logo, to represent videos.

Wut! The monkeys are working on it already!!! 🐵✏

@dlive @wa7 does the "multiple entries" should have also "multiple posts" or should all the entries be contained in just 1 post?

Also the pdf submissions throught airtable should be all different if we make more than one entry Or could we upload several pdf files among twith the several submissions?

Hello @themonkeyzuelans, for multiple entries, you can comment in separate posts.

Cowboys arent into ninjas.


@wa7 I sent 10 steem to this account still-observer last night. This morning I got a message from a woman saying,

Hi! I noticed you sent 10 Steem to still-observer. Please don't send any amount to him again because he was caught plagiarizing photos earlier this month, and changed into his account to look like a "Whale Trail Team" bid bot. Besides, he only has 125.202 SP which means his vote has very little value (or nothing at all).

Looks like I’ve been had. I’d like other to not suffer the same fate of thieves like this if it can be helped.


D.Live Logo.jpg

The above is my entry for the dlive logo contest.

If you can notice and as instructed you will see the ninja with the caption that says dlive which shows that videos and live visual has excel and succeeded in making steemians display through video.
Also if you notice I have made my design with
black and yellow. The yellow means☀ sunshine of with live is shining over any other platform in terms of video..... The black means honor and Royalty.

Up dlive!!!!!!!!!

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Ohhh Yeaah!

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My first entry to the contest. Yellow ninja.

Highly rEsteemed!

This is not a submission!

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 10.17.11 PM.png

Resteemed so I could remember this! :D

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