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RE: Let's Create a Brand Together for The New DLive

in #dlive4 years ago

its good to be a part of this contest and below are my entries and the logos i am dropping for now ... the colors and the shape could also be adjusted based on the user's desire or need.

following the logo design rule of colors yellow inclusion and the ninja below are the meaning of the objects in the logo
1 Color red means energy and strength of Dlive among its contemporaries

  1. Purple is related to respect
  2. Black is honor
  3. The yellow is sunshine, meaning Dlive outshines the rest
  4. Then we also have the play, fast forward buttons
    the live text was inserted in that format to portray the message LIVE as it will ring in one mind when looking at such image even without reading the text.








This is a beautiful design I must say

I like what you did here. This is a very beautiful design

Nice design dear. Well done

This is a nice design

Awesome entry I must say.

Very nice design. Wish you good luck sister.

This is outspeakably beautiful!
Never knew you could design something this beautiful. 👍👍👍
Good job!

So youcan design as good as this

A fine design for Dlive. Wishing you a happy win afterall

Cool design, I hope you win this

@dlive should approve this. Awesome

Lovely design that is

Purple is perfect man

Its quits ok @peakreal1 you are really doing a nice job.

This is so great, I hope you win

Great designs....

Nice one bro. Keep up the good work.

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