My attempt to attend Blocktrades + Open Mic Steem Fest ticket giveaway

in dlive •  last year 


Video production first - reading the rules after

Oh well - I wanted to attend the Steemfest contest described here: - but I failed again. Reading before doing is often useful - so I was not very intelligent, strategic and smart - so I did my 5 minute video here for / on @dlive and talked about most of the things in the rules of the Blocktrades contest but forgot the most important one (mention it at the beginning of the video...). Hence I think I am not qualified for it at all so the wrong tag order is also not relevant anymore. I would have given the win away anyway to someone else as I hardly can make it to Steemfest in November. So feel free to listen and watch what I had to say in the car, during rain - I even sing at the end (or try it)!

My video is at DLive

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So, jetzt kann ich wirklich sagen: Angenehm Dich kennenzulernen! :-D

Thanks for the video! You have a nice tone of voice.
And told about everything in detail and slowly.
I liked everything, @uwelang

Thanks for entering.

You have to tell me, how did you manage to get 7 tags on your post?

Think we discussed all via DM, it is the dlive frontend allowing or even adding mandatory ones

Your video is very good . This video is so helpful .
Thanks for sharing @uwelang

Helpful in which aspect?