Revolution in Britain? Hardly... This Is Frustration At Boiling Point.

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I am not a total expert on world revolutions, but I have studied more than one in some depth, particularly the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Some people are claiming that the recent violence in London where large groups of (drunk) people minorly attacked some riot police - is the start of a revolution.. I absolutely disagree and if they are right, then they need to learn something about revolutions now.

I am not able to think of many, if any, examples of revolutions that didn't result in similar or worse results following the revolution - compared to what occurred before. This is because the balance needed in society needs to come from a level of consciousness and understanding that has been held down for a long time. This means that the word 'revolution' has been accurate, in that they tend to just take us back to the beginning - going round and round in circles.

I am not sure who has the lower level of consciousness, out of the criminal gang that runs most governments and the football gangs that appear to have sparked this recent violence - but I don't really want either of them having access to nuclear launch codes!

When revolutions occur, there is a 'power vacuum' and all the various groups who think they are the 'right' ones to 'run things' do what they can to take over. If the revolution is carefully organised in advance, it is likely that the organisers will 'take over' because their opponents won't be ready to act so quickly. On the other hand, if various groups agitate the population to trigger a revolution, then they may end up in conflict over who 'takes over'.

The fact is that if the population have not researched deeply into themselves and into their situation to know what the real causes of their problems are - there is a real chance that they will only make things worse. It might be hard to imagine things being worse than they have been - in the sense that the criminals in government have abused their positions to the point of virtually enslaving most of the population financially and through bogus 'laws'.. However, it actually could get worse. You only need to watch Mad Max to see where I am going here.

We have a perilous crunch point here. The Democratic system has NEVER been honest and has always been a way of controlling and manipulating as many as possible. On the other hand, the majority of people are not aware enough of how to live with real balance to be able to handle the society in a way that doesn't end up in destruction. I don't mean this to put the people down, it is just a fact that most people have no interest in learning about such things and they will have a huge learning curve to figure it all out if forced to. This ignorance is actually part of the wall that holds the enslavement system in place - since there is a fear that if the 'old guard' leave, then the door is left open for invaders to come in and take over due to the inexperience of whoever then 'takes over'.

So as usual, the only answer is real enlightenment - which itself requires the ending of denial and the understanding of absolute truth regarding self and life itself. Total respect for free will is a requirement for those on the destiny path of survival - so I suggest we start there and see where that takes us!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

My video is at DLive

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It's sad to see really. The divide and conquer ethos working. This is playing right in their hands or continuing the thuggish right wing supporters of Robinson, if only they could see this maybe they would change tactic. Revolution will never work unfortunately we have to go through the stages of awakening and anger is one of them. When mobs of uneducated people (on the subject not saying in general) get angry revolutions happen. This is why currently it is so important to get out there and spread the right message. I am giving it ago with my plan for next year but it's a big feat on my own and with no finical backing but it will come together at some point I am sure. 💯🐒


A key unifying factor in all people is emotion - by evolving us emotionally, so that we are really clear about what we feel and why we feel it, we can collectively reach agreements about what is needed - rather than be divided as we judge each other for being triggered and for allowing our unconsciousness to direct our destiny.

Reality cannot be denied forever, no matter how hard people try!


Right on! The key is to learn to control our emotion and channel it into better ways to overcome the currently mess. This can only be done through help people to see the truth and also how to cope with it. We have a long way to go but the monkey is stirring 💯🐒


Well, actually - I have posted repeatedly to explain that control of emotion is the cause of most of our problems. Only when emotions feel free and are accepted just as they are can we even have a chance of being fully free and being real ;)


Very true. And this time will come when people are able to do this. I must have missed those posts, happens a lot on here with the platform design it needs a lot of work. 💯🐒

The biggest problem is that sollutions haven't been thought of yet.

You create a group of people, and they will set up a dominance hierarchy. Pretty much a pyramid. Just like govern-cement.

Very few even know of octologues. Or other organization structures.
Nor do they know what a leader is or should do.

When the definition of a police officer is anti-social. Then society will continue to be more and more hurt.

It is like this: Taking care of an invalid parent, or a retarded child is taxing. If you have to earn a living too, it is too much. But, we have no social help for these people. The best that we have is put them in homes which are understaffed and only care about the person as long as the money flows.

This is where society needs to start. Understanding that it is the care that is needed... not throwing money at the situation. (homeless, gangs, drug users, shut-ins...)


To go to the root causes is necessary and while it is good to improve care for those that need it - the root causes are within our collective consciousness.. The change of heart that is needed to support greater care for others is primarily needed to support greater care for self and in that process there will be less and less outer manifestations of dysfunction - including all their current forms.

One of the 'benefits' of being pushed up against the wall is that we quickly have to adapt and let go of everything that is not serving us if we are to survive.. The problem is that there is so much that we are holding that is not serving us that many are heavily invested in holding on to it - wrongly thinking that they need it to survive. This is part of why 'jesus' is quoted as saying that 'the path to heaven is narrow'... In other words, we have to really focus on key principles, such as ethics, to create gracefully and with consistent success. One phrase that I do feel is relevant that came from @dan is 'make government irrelevant' - not by force, but by creating better options.

Just allowing our American treacherous elites to call this country a "democracy" since about the 1970s, is a symptom and signal of the disease, all in and of itself. I bet if you ask the common man or woman in the street what form of government we have, half will say they have no idea, but probably more than half of those who answer will say "a democracy." Sad.

No wonder our Constitutional Republic is in such dire jeopardy of suffering a really violent revolution at some point in the not-too-distant future, and you are absolutely right to point out so succinctly that rarely does a nation emerge from a revolution in better shape than beforehand.


I am pretty clear that the United States corporation (aka nation) has been corrupt since its inception - it is just that in recent decades we have had better technology to record and communicate about it.

It's very pathetic video. Thanks @ura-soul

Very useful news. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed

What condenser allows ten tags a post?


Dlive does and so does steepshot I think!

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