[U-Hat] PUBG livestream all night baby lets go! 50 SBD giveaway in DIS

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(If you are seeing this on steemit click the picture to join in on the live stream!) I would love to thank @mro and @ty2nicerva for some awesome overlays and logos ! If you have any questions about dlive or streaming feel free to ask!

50 SBD giveaway link:

DLive Discord : https://discord.gg/nuVrV4E
Website : https://www.dlive.io

My live stream is at DLive


I almost cried when making my betterdlive today, the page randomly refreshed and I lost my post i was almost 2 hours in of typing lmao

Plz give me a follow for a upvote

Nice shirt dude

Need a follow frm u..

good post, I smell upvote

No worries! me and jrungi just finished im still on my 9 hour stream but no stream on the main page sadly

Nice. I might not stream myself, streams been disappearing all day good ol' beta haha

looks like if you don't get on the hot page in a certain time frame you wont get in no matter how much you're upvoted. guys on hot page got 12cents when im not and i have 34cents

Have a fun game!

Music needs to be lower xo

Are DLive doing less upvoting posts?

Totally agree with your crypto points btw, I was just saying that earlier

Not all crypto using blockchain, look at IOTA

litecoin is at 108$

Yeah, it's also free to make transactions with Iota there's 0 fees, at a point the proof of work is being checked by the purchasers.

Went to RHCP live! Good song.

Do you know if dlive has been looking at betterdlive posts today, because i checked all the ones from the today, also top promoted for betterdlive :D

What's up uhat! love the streems

Nice mic, nice headset, nice, nice nice

If you inject 1 marijuanas your limbs will fall off

awesome bro! another all nighter in the works! 50sbd giveayay! :)

You seem quiet today. Gratz on 700!

Your voice cuts at some points randomly. :thinking:

Like the mic goes off or something. Unstable. Can't hea everything.

That right now seemed good.

Haha I don't mind the clicking. AT least you're not playing LoL or something where the clicking is more intense :'D

Ahh it's okay. Not every day is a good day, but usually the next day is always better.

Hey hey Uhat - Great stream brother.

Eastern - U.S. It's 6:05 AM, my sleep schedule is jacked right now.

Remember the green screen gameboy and how difficult it was to play in low light?

hahaha you just mentioned the lighting when i sent that

Then again, I'm probably a lot older than you guys :)

Cold and snowy. I played in a winter disc golf tournament saturday and we got about 7 inches of snow in the 6 hours we played. We just got about another 5 or 6 inches in the last 8 hours

mid teens for temps... It's all about layers this time of year.

Multiple socks, good boots, long johns, pants, carhart bibs, multiple layers upper body, carhart jacket. It was okay especially as long as you keep moving. The liquor helps too.

Morning bro !!! Or should i say good night hhhhhh

12 am , i'm fine little bit stoned from yesterday ahahahaha