🌬50 SBD Giveaway 700 follower milestone. <3 The steemit/DLive community is absolutely amazing!

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First of all I would love to thank all of my followers and people that tune into my live streams daily, you are the people that make this community flourish <3
I can’t believe the growth, we have jumped from 100 followers to 300 followers, 300 followers to almost 700 followers (690 at the moment im typing this ;) ). I couldn’t of asked for more! Such an amazing heart warming welcome to the steemit platform. I'm going to try and keep doing these weekly giveaways to give back to the community of dlive and steemit. Hopefully over time I will be able to do larger and more elaborate contests (if you have any contest ideas you would like to see don’t be scared to comment it below I NEED MORE IDEAS!)
Anyways let's get to the juicy details!

Last Weeks Winner: @rittens

Rules :

  • You Must Be Following Me
  • Resteem this post
  • Comment below with a screen capture of you watching one of your favorite dlive live streams and give a detailed reason why you enjoyed it. (2 sentences minimum)
  • Winner will be picked at random 2/12/2018

Dlive Website: https://www.dlive.io/#/
Dlive Discord Server: https://discord.gg/nuVrV4E

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Indeed it is .

Followed and resteemed. Was watching @uhatgaming and honestly there isn't that many streams currently on Dlive that are both entertaining and interactive. I was on for a short period of time and was able to hangout and get some value from getting my questions answered.

Looking forward to doing similar contest and giveaways through VR and trivia. I enjoy watching this platform at its infancy and learning from these streams so that Dlive can continue to grow (otherwise live-trivia won't work lol). Let's go!!


Hello @uhatgaming, I'm not going to be able to participate in your contest due to lack of time at this moment. I do support your cause though so i would love to share some idea's for contests with you.

  1. A contest about your own stream. People would actually have to watch your stream live and pay very good attention to the hints you give. Combining those hints, they should have the answer on a question which you would ask them for the contest. This way, the people who actually follow you closely have a better shot at winning.

  2. You could play a free to play game and challenge your followers to reach a certain score or do a certain play and clip that. The people who would achieve the goal you set for them, would receive a prize.

Hope this helps you out, good luck and i hope to join u soon on dlive. I'm thinking about streaming professional gaming tournaments from the ps4 where i will participate in.


These are some good ideas, it would be a great way to engage with the viewers indeed.

I really enjoy wow players. I play wow as well, but I suck at pvp, so seeing some one who is actually good is entertaining and educational. Hopefully soon I can afford a better graphics card so I too can stream wow especially raids and other pve content that i am good at. Would also love to go over gold making on wow. Anyway I love Dlive and thanks for the platform, it really lets gamers get into the ground floor of a new streaming platform since twitch is already set with its stars.

Probably my favorite dlive stream, because of all the banter in game chat when you're talking with the guys haha, watching you make some kiddies ragequit is always a good time. I usually always watch your stream while I'm spectating after getting rekted by some dude screaming china numba wan in the corner with a shotty


My Entry


I enjoy the freedom on dlive. Streams on Dlive, has been getting more and more better on quality, and I love that. I enjoy watching @uhatgaming play PUBG, since he is really good at the games and is very cool person to follow. :)

haha glad you made up your mind what you wanted to do for this giveaway :)

That's a great initiative @uhatgaming! I hope your following continues to grow like this ;)

My entry:

That's me watching @iamconstant playing Halo 😁

The nostalgia is real! Some of my best childhood memories involved playing halo in a dirty basement with my friends 👌 The music wasn't bad either hehe


Those were the good old days haha ;)

I enjoy watching @iamconstant's streams because he has a pretty fire playlist and he also has a pretty chill personality. Another reason I watch his content every now and then is for his Halo game play, it's quite nostalgic for me watching halo again since I used to play it all the time with my bro.
Thanks for the giveaway dude!

Hey there! Not sure why it took me so long to come across this.

I enjoy viewing your streams!

I've usually been a silent viewer, but I decided to hit you up during the down time you had last night. Like I said in the chat one of the reasons I enjoy watching your stream is seeing the improvements you have added over time. You've inspired me to improve my own streaming performance. In my opinion you are one of the people who is pushing this platform towards quality.

I used to think streamers had an easy job. Now that I've been working on improving my own stream I see all the time, effort, and learning that goes on in the background to produce a quality stream. There is also a bit of a monetary investment to get the hardware that can improve the viewer experience so streamers who do that are definitely putting some money on the line to improve the viewer experience without a guarantee of return on that investment.


A screen capture of the man, the myth, the legend playing some good ol' PUBG.

In this stream uhatgaming was having issues with download speeds initially but staying positive. Nice to see that its not just me that has difficulties streaming! - it happens to all of us, even the more experienced streamers. Nothing super flashy just a guy streaming a game and interacting with his audience.


I dont have a laptop so I watch fortnight game play on my phone on dlive...I love it....its fast, and millions of subscribers all over the world...linking it with steemit also help me with opinions.

Go dlive.

I pretty much just check out you, clasicktv, clove71, and cushcoast. I watch your stream because I suck at pubg, and it's good to get lil tips. Also you interact well and often with your viewers. You also give good streaming tips and are very supportive.

You are reading chat often, you are friendly to everyone. You have cool overlay and i like the facecam.

It's really hard to pick a favorite.
But I'll go with @Zharl on this one. This guy is very consistent with his streams, he streams almost every day and you can see the improvement with every stream, from new overlay to new graphics card. Also PUBG (the game he mostly streams) is quite fun to watch, might be because I don't play it :D.

Best of luck to all!

The reason I enjoy watching you is... You are real and down to earth... You are willing to help anyone no matter if they have more followers than you or not. It doesn't hurt that you are good at games as well lol #GoodVibes #GoodPeople #OneOfManyFavorites


Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 8.53.07 PM.png

I always enjoy watching @tidylive. He is always playing a game I have never heard of before and is super interactive with an ever-improved set up. Class act and enjoyable to watch.

If you continue to share quality content, your followers will increase. Thank you for sharing your good knowledge.

very nice come abelg

cant perticipate this time!
Sure will try my luck next time!
i know i'm missing a great opportunity!
but its ok!
thanks for bringing this amaizing things!!

Nice post.like it

That a great initiative

you welcome

Sebuah ide yang bagus

Nice post

Good game i like shooting games

Upvote & Follow :) 711 subscriber!

if you have the time,
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Is anyone playing lol in steem community?


Certainly! Me and a few other streamers play it almost everyday on dlive.io, come hang out anytime!

Honestly I would have love to take a snapshot but I ain't got a laptop

bcoz i like it...keep it up.

Nice post! I want good news.
have a good day~

When are you live? How can I post my fav dlive streamer if he’s not live?

Great post!looking forward to more goodnews....

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