[U-Hat Dlive] PUBG with the boys. 50 SBD giveaway in DESC #TeamDLive

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(If you are seeing this on steemit click the picture to join in on the live stream!) I would love to thank @mro and @ty2nicerva for some awesome overlays and logos ! If you have any questions about dlive or streaming feel free to ask!

50 SBD giveaway link:

DLive Discord : https://discord.gg/nuVrV4E
Website : https://www.dlive.io

My live stream is at DLive


hello bro

it's going well, I like to see you

Nice dude, I'm in a band too, love playing music. Was thinking of getting a Blue Yeti - kind of mid range not super expensive but will help me improve the quality of my streams

shitting my pants here playing hunt lol

Oh no hahaha. Stink. Hey man just wanted to say thanks to you and all the DLive team for all the time you guys are putting in

YOure gonna play with your bro? :D

Videos frozen but we can hear audio

Nice dude. I'll apply. Looking forward to doing my 10 SBD giveaway at 100 Followers

oh yeah :D

What mic do you have dude?

Yoo! oh stink dude... Was having internet issues all of yesterday. Sucks ae

Tell seacactus to stop working so hard and do a stream haha

Haha yeah they are hilarious

To stream or not to stream...

I might a bit later gotta keep pumping them out

Alright dude gonna do my own stream of Pokemmo - pokemon mmo : have a good stream :)

Yeah, my little brother is here and downloading the update for pubg its messing with my internet xD

that guy said pokemmo ima gonna check that out

Hey uhat, do you know what day/time has the most traffic on Dlive?

I see, thanks. I tried to host a live trivia for SBD prizes and it was a complete fail lol

I'm going continue streaming VR until traffic picks up then I'll give live-trivia another shot. Trying to create a gameshow with Dlive

haha my buddy migister has maxed pokemon in pokemonmmo

lol fk this map

Yep just hangin out. Is PUBG like hunger games?

@uhatgaming I've enjoyed watching your stream grow and evolve. You've been an inspiration for me to invest some money into my setup. Upgrading my video card, camera, and mic setup! Should be operational next week! That was my upvote :)

If you're ever looking for an extra member in your squad, hit me up. I work a later shift so I'm usually gaming late at night.

Cool! You can find me on the DLive discord using the same name. I've been able to stream with a few other steemit users so far and it's always been a positive experience.

Awesome, well I'm going to stop blowing up the chat, but it was nice chatting with you. Good luck with the chicken dinners!

Oof, ouch, owie, my eardrums

6 mins left on his download should hopfully fix it

Uhat can you check Discord dude?

Is that an AWM!

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