Swinging on the streets of Bergen, Norway

in dlive •  4 months ago


A few months ago we made a brief stop in Bergen, Norway on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. It was one of the first days of summer and the city was filled with smiling faces enjoying the year's first bits of sun. We set up in one of the main squares near the port and immediately began to draw a crowd of people to listen to the music.

Here is clip of us playing a swing number influenced by Django and Grapelli's "Minor Swing" filmed by our manager. Enjoy the good vibes!

My video is at DLive

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wonderful , lovely on a summer day music x

I confess something? I've always wanted to do this in my travels. And I do not do it because I do not know how to play an instrument. But my instruments are not very "portable": v I play the double bass and the piano: v

nice music


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Superb music...Mate!

Wonderful!!! I like your music!

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You're so good! Surprised there aren't any dancers :)