[oo3] #tenminteach -- Wanna DLIVE? 10 check list items for AWESOME streaming using OBS!

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Back with another video, kinda surprised myself actually because I only had four hours and thirty minutes or so sleep last night. Terrible night sleep!

Today I’m spinning back around from episode two which might have been a massive jump from setting up to but I did explain it’s so I can capture the thumbnails easier, in this one I’m gonna try and break down ten areas in ten minutes you need to concentrate on building out your stream.

These are the following.. .

  • scenes - best to make a master one and then scenes including that one
  • transition - a transition between scenes makes it look professional
  • hotkeys - I always put a function key next to the scene title.
  • audio inputs and levels - this make take some time to get perfect
  • video inputs (screens, games) - best to have separate scenes for inputs
  • holding page - need to nip to the toilet or take a call, mute that microphone
  • intro and outro - for start/end show
  • social/links overlay - don’t forget to promote where to be found
  • music players - a stream without music can get a bit boring
  • overlays using dlive labs - plug in dlive labs for vote notifications etc

I’ve done this on purpose because I don’t want you to worry or get overwhelmed when setting up your live stream for the first time, do things a bit at a time, know that you have these ten things to do to get yourself up and running and then it’s just learning the keys, monitoring the output and things I’m going to teach you over the next dozen or so videos anyway.

Hopefully this will give you a bit of confidence to start streaming on @dlive as well, like I said if you need any help just drop me a line — I’ll be doing a live stream chat tomorrow so you can ask me questions live about live streaming and I can show you or help you out one on one or open up a bigger topic or discussion! — you can help me setup my live chat system! :)

Don’t forget to follow, retweet and upvote, that would be awesome! :)

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My video is at DLive

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hey thanks @lifemovedbysteem waves hope your good xx

video is beautifull dear @teamhumble
Screenshot-2018-2-11 DLive.pngthank you

Thanks for sharing. A lot of us are quite new to use other platforms on the steem blockchain. personally, I haven't gotten my hands fully on the dlive platform. probably when I am more relaxed, I would sure watch the video. Thanks for sharing @teamhumble


you are welcome. it's ten minutes long and i try and break down the ten areas. then you can take your time and each one, learn it first before you start to stream! :) that way it's not overwhelming, just do it in your own time in micro chunks. easy! :)


thanks. i really appreciate your willingness and commitment to help. it means a lot.

hey thanks @allasyummyfood xx -- i wanna work with you at some point on a layout and design for a video chat live stream setup, totally custom for you if your down? :) x

Thanks for a great series here. I'm thinking of doing some live music / VJ performances on dlive so this is really useful info. Cheers!


no worries buddy, yeah i'm gonna be doing some live chat hosting, discussing around topics etc so look out for those! :)

Your presentation picture is awesome! Are you using OBS to generate a gif?


thanks buddy, yeah i'm using obs with the overlays and then i just capture a gif using cloudapp tray bar which makes making a cover image super fast! :)


thanks for the reply, found the answer when I watched your previous video:
"Playing with OBS Overlays and Dynamic Text: Don’t Worry, Back to Basic"
Going to watch the latest one :)


cheers bro! :) thanks for watching.

Thanks, your check list definitely helps beginner to start on Dlive.


you are most welcome! :) i'm glad i can help, if you have any further questions, please leave me a message and i'll do my best to reply! :)

This is what I am searching for. Thank you. Very best tips for Dlive users.


i'll be doing a lot more so please subscribe, upvote and share! :) gotta build my steem power up!

I always wanted to play music on my streams but I edit video on them and the music can be distracting for me,


you don't have to have it playing locally but can still have it play out on the stream.


Ah well I never thought of that ha ha.