DLive | Transparency Report #4 - July 1, 2018

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This report will display statistics for June 2018.


Development Team

We had some exciting updates and releases recently. The most exciting release was our Android Application. If you missed the press releases they can be found below.

A mini update was deployed to allow Guest accounts to change their display names. As we on-board users from other platforms, we wanted the live streamers to be able to identify who was typing in their chat rooms. Display names can be changed in your account preferences.

We will be announcing another update within the next week, stay tuned for an official post from @DLive.


Operations Team

For the month of June the team upvotes accounted for 10% of total rewards. 3236% of 32225%. Below you will find the break down of how many upvotes each team member received as well as the total weight.

Team MemberUpvotesTotal Weight


June Curation Statistics

Total Upvotes: 5557 Upvotes
Unique Users: 1532 Unique
Average Weight: 5.80%
Average Upvotes per day: 185.23

The total number of upvotes was decreased from the previous month. This was by design. The goal was to increase the average weight. The average weight went from 4.51% to 5.80%.

Live streamers may have seen DLive Team Members typing in their chat rooms. If you are live streaming we encourage you to monitor your chat and reply to your viewers using a microphone.

If you are a video content creator, include something about DLive during your introduction. This will help our Content Management Team with verification. DLive only supports original content.


Business Development Team

The Business Development Team has been dissolved. This team will be replaced by the DLive Ambassador Program. If you think you can help on-board influencers, contact @jimmylin or @redjepi on Discord.

DLive Owned and Operated Accounts

There has been an increase of accounts with DLive in the name, or the DLive logo as the profile picture. We want to advise the Community that the following accounts are the only accounts that are owned and operated by the DLive Team.



DLive Social Media

If you haven't followed us on Social Media, you can find the official accounts below.


This concludes the 4th transparency report. If there is anything that you would like to see in future reports, don't hesitate to leave suggestions in the comments below.

Thank You,
DLive Team


Transparency <3

Thanks for all of your hardwork and for giving us the chance to stream on decentralized platform. I hope we all grow together!

The android app looks amazing and works without any problems for me. Really a great step forward!

Once again, thanks for making our gaming experience a lot better!!

Much love, Mr. Spacely

Thanks for the report, transparency should always be a big goal with growing communites.
One thing i realy realy want to see, is an api. A simple one at least. i know its not that easy based on a blockchain but im sure you already got the tools.
Let us see viewernames, let us parse viewcount and so on :)
Anyway, thanks and keep up with the good work, youre doin a great job!

Amazing team ;)

Up Dlive. They are great

This is great, thank you guys for the report!
DLive is my favourite place to be on the Steem blockchain ^^

Great job! Dlive forever...

Great job guys ♥!

i'm loving all the improving that dlive is doing!! and also the transparency you are bringing!!

If you are a video content creator, include something about DLive during your introduction. This will help our Content Management Team with verification. DLive only supports original content.

That is an excellent idea to have in mind!!

In @dlive we love! Thank you guys for making us feel that we are not just a community, we are also a family.
Steem On guys! And Shout-Out to all @dlive staffs! You're all Rock, man! 😎🤙

Hello, ReSteem Bot at your service. I just upvotes your post. Whoever upvotes this comment, I will follow you back and ReSteem your most recent post. I will also follow you and upvote your posts randomly.

Great job :)D

Thank you for your report @teamdlive.

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