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Are you new to DLive and need some information on the platform?

What is DLive?

The Next Generation Live Streaming and Video Community on The Blockchain

DLive is a decentralized live streaming and video community, built on the Steem blockchain. It utilizes blockchain mechanisms to incentivize both content creators and viewers in cryptocurrency. DLive believes that all rewards belong to content creators, thus, DLive does not take cuts or charge any fees to its content creators.

What separates DLive from current live streaming and video platforms?

DLive is built on top of a decentralized platform, meaning the community determines what content should be seen and what content should not be seen, through upvoting or flagging. “DLive” the platform will never censor original content.

DLive is offering all live streamers and video authors a chance to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. DLive has a dedicated Content Management Team that views live streams and videos and rewards users based on the quality. These rewards are paid out in a crypto-currency called STEEM.

What are some of DLive's accomplishments?

Without reading the full blog post, here are our successes in 6 months. If you are interested in reading the full blog post, it can be found here.

  • DLive is the largest live streaming DApp in the world.
  • The DLive tag on the Steem blockchain has shared over $2.6 million worth of crypto, which means content creators on DLive have received over $2.6 million worth of rewards since DLive has launched.
  • has a global ranking of 59,042 according to and 41,088 according to, in the past 3 months, our ranking has improved 125,784 positions.
  • is now ranked 1675 in Poland according to
  • In the last 30 days, there has been 500,000 Monthly Active Users and 1.5 million monthly visits in total.

If any of these points seem appealing to you, check out our platform today!


DLive Android Application v1.0

The Developement Team has been hard at work to make sure DLive is on it's way to be the complete product. With that, we are officially launching our Beta Android application. This application is not published on the Google Play Store yet, but it is available here.

The application is still in development but here is what you can expect when using it.


Watch, follow and upvote your favorite live streamers and video creators, all from your mobile device.


Our Founder and CEO mentioned Fanbase in his blog post titled, I'm All in on DLive, Are You?. This feature is in test right now and only available through the android application. The end goal of Fanbase is to have an all-in-one solution for interactions. You will be able to connect with your community, grow your brand and increase engagement.


When using the mobile application you will be able to show your appreciation and support to your favorite content creators. The gifting will work exactly as it does on, 100% of your gift will be delivered with no fees attached.

We are always looking for ways to improve our service and this will include being able to IRL stream directly from the mobile application in future releases.

For all of our iOS users, the mobile application is in the works!

If you experience any issues when using the Beta Android app, please report them to us. Always include your Steemit username so we know who you are! To report a bug, click here.


DLive Press Releases

Growth within the Steem blockchain and outside is very important to DLive. Today we have some news outlets covering the exciting launch of our android application! You can find the links to the articles below. This list will be updated as the press releases come out.

Venture Beat

Android Authority

Phone Arena


Official DLive Blog

The goal of the Official Blog is to allow users to sort through our announcements with ease. It can be challenging looking for something that was posted weeks, or months ago. When using the official blog you will be able to sort by the categories, allowing you to find what you are looking for, faster.

We hope that this will increase engagement on our Campaigns as well. We will be putting a link to the Official Blog directly on soon.

The Official DLive Blog can be found here.


Visit the DLive Official Shop!



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Visit the DLive website!

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this is incredible, any plans or predictions on the iOS version?

Thank you @dlive for making such a nice platform. I see the bright future for this platform and for that reason I am comfortable to promote this to anyone even to my mother, sister and brother (my father doesn't like technology, LOL ). I already made a promotion video to bring more people on Dlive. Please check out this video if you still didn't watch it...



Nice Brethren!


@hiroyamagishi - Thank you for promoting DLive. We really appreciate this!


Awesome news and accomplishments in just 6 months


D Live is the Future of videos streaming on blockchain project


I realy likeDlive & thanks for shearing this videos..hopefully next or help full videos coming!!


this technology is great... it will make day to day life easy


This artical is help ful


nice video

Very helpful post

Dlive accomplishments was so amazing in a very short period of time. Soon, it will par with youtube in terms of popularity. :)

Wow, that is some nice development. I think that is the first video app for Steem so well done!

I hope we will see the feature to stream directly from the phone. That is one of the key features to make DLive incredibly easy to access. Think about the millions of users who only have phones to access the internet. That could be huge for DLive and Steem. :)


So Hyped for this!

Awesome news and accomplishments in just 6 months! This is a big milestone for both DLive and Steemit and should bring a lot of exposure to them.

  • DLive is the largest live streaming DApp in the world.
    The DLive tag on the Steem blockchain has shared over $2.6 million worth of crypto, which means content creators on DLive have received over $2.6 million worth of rewards since DLive has launched.
  • has a global ranking of 59,042 according to and 41,088 according to, in the past 3 months, our ranking has improved 125,784 positions.
  • is now ranked 1675 in Poland according to
  • In the last 30 days, there has been 500,000 Monthly Active Users and 1.5 million monthly visits in total.

These accomplishments and milestones are all great signs that DLive is really building traction. Although a lot of numbers are going up in terms of quantity, it's apparent that quality is also there as well, and we will continue to see this grow and evolve with the community.

I primarily use DLive for my #gaming content and after making the switch from Twitch, I'm not regretting it. The decentralized capabilities of the platform, the quality through curation, and all being part of this as it grows and evolves is an opportunity you shouldn't 't pass on.

Congrats on everything @dlive! 🤙

The new app is fantastic! It's easy to use and I'm surprised at how well the lay-out is configured. Plus you can donate and upvote streams directly from your phone?! I'm really impressed guys. I spend a lot of my time on DLive and this will make it much more streamlined when doing it from my phone vs just using a web browser. :D

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This is awesome!!! @dlive you guys rock and your updates keep getting better and better.. you are all so hard working and such friendly team. Keep up the great work Xx

@dlive is a great application! Congrats on building the mobile apps! Looking forward to the release.


Great news!

Good update!!

We are always looking for ways to improve our service and this will include being able to IRL stream directly from the mobile application in future releases.

when that is finish i will one more streaming directly from my phone!! i tought that before, if that were possible, i see is not posible yet!

I cann imagine myself streaming from the footbal stadium, or from a parkour practice, in importants events and stuff like that!!

I was just wondering this morning when Dlive would come out on Android! I been using Dtue, but Dlive is so much better.

I believe the most important update you should do for this app its to use QR code reader on password, its way more easy to use than to copy paste from pc your key or write it.

This is great exposure for the community!

this is a great technology!

Dlive Android app a Plus! Tho i have been well aware of Dlive, I just recently learned of how to livestream. To have this for a phone as well is a must. Thank you to all Invloved !

Congratulations You have posted a good post through a nice post. You are telling us to post your estimate so well. We never thought that you must love me in your post. Please, you will vote for me, I will vote for you.@tarazul24

Congratulations for the advance with Dlive.
Hope the app could go to the best in quality for the Dlivers.

The UI and UX is amazing. Congrats on getting the app to that standard!

This post is truly beautiful

Finally app! Thank you @DLive.

Seriously huge well done only a short time before iOS then you own both platforms and the only way is up from here massive massive well done!

I like all these advances, they are always evolving, I like them a lot because they always look for the way to be more in relation with each user

Nicer scheiß ♥

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I couldn't wait for DLive to come to my phone.

Good job

@dlive - excellent progress. I've downloaded the app for android today and absolutely love it. The UI is clean and easily navigable, everything is clear and easy to read on a bigger phone screen. I'm very excited this app is replacing a firefox tab. Keep up the good work!


Thank you for your feedback! We're so happy you liked the app... @lethaltoast

Wao, this information is excellent. I am new to this wonderful community and I am impressed by how well it works. Thank you for sharing this valuable information.

I am very happy for all your achievements, I will not hesitate to use the App Yeeeeeey :3

Thanks @dlive found this documentation very helpful and I can share this with my friends who aren't on dlive I know a few months ago I had trouble going live on Android

wow! This is good news@dlive

DLive is evolving so fast, it's incredible! I am so happy to have arrived at the beginning of this beautiful adventure, I intend to stay there a long time and I hope to help DLive to evolve even more in the future! :D

Downloading the app as we speak! Super excited ! The install is running smooth!

great app

most important information, thanks for sharing

Great, it will be easier to see our dlives :D

Let's have a new spirit

You got a 33.33% upvote from @botcoin courtesy of @infoslink!

This is what I've been waiting for! Steem On @dlive and More power! 😊

I'm an Apple fan boy but I'm still pumped about this news!

Awesome stuff team....You guys continue to lead the way on the blockchain :)

Great news! Just downloaded it. Can't wait to stream straight from phone, that is critical to accessibility!

Downloaded and testing brb

a further contribution to the advancement of technology ! than great!

I like DLIVE.
Thank you @dlive for making such a nice platform.

Only bug I found after installing to my phone was the misspelling of "fanbase" when trying to add fanbase name at creation screen.
Good stuff!

@dlive looks really nice project

I really like the app. I have to watch a lot of streams on mobile, and this makes it really easy.
There are a few bugs and weird stuff... but I'm sure you'll be able to fix those in the next few weeks
One thing, that I'm sure you will be adding, is a search/filter button, it is really hard to find what I want when I have to scroll through all the streams just to find one thing.

Altogether, great build. I'll be using DLive a lot more now!


DLive continues to impress. This platform has grown so much in such a short amount of time. I can't wait to see where it goes a year from now! ALL IN!

@DLIVE es una herramienta al alcance de todos

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

super cool, i love this platform so much, thanks for the amazing information now will be following you

This is awesome!
When you guys think I'll be able to stream from the dlive app?

The Next Generation Live Streaming and Video Community on The Blockchain

DLive is a decentralized live spilling and video network, based on the Steem blockchain. It uses blockchain systems to boost both substance makers and watchers in cryptographic money. DLive trusts that all prizes have a place with content makers, hence, DLive does not take slices or charge any expenses to its substance makers.

I installed the test request.
Thanks for the info.

what is difference between Dtube and Dlive ???

I need to actually go and use Dlive, I heard it was great but let me go find out myself.

Sweet :) tipuvote!

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Finally Dlive is on Android board, I going to used it, I'll see how it works.

The best thing is they donot take any cuts i like this
I think this will boom in near future

@dlive good idea of ​​the application but on my android phone Lenovo, the application does not run. Is there a compatibility problem?


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Awesome news.

Great new! Awesome!

Great news!
hope we will have the app for the ios users soon.

Woohoo! That means IOS is next! 😬
And I love how you send us emails too! Thank you!

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Aweeeeeesome. ❤ ❤ ❤

excellent information of the DLive application, I recommend reading it and voting

Awesome post i enjoyed reading it..Thanks For This Post..

Dlive will be a great Platform in future and also our steemit is growing rapidly.

I have been waiting for this for a long time now. Glad the mobile version is now here.

I did get the email for this and I'm an iPhone user. I know there are app converters that will take a google android app and convert it for iOS. LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of DLive mobile! DLive mobile is exactly what I've been waiting for!

@dlive It's awesome app! Creative concept :)

Just what I was speaking with my friend 2 days ago.. I want my @dlive on my phone! And now you made it! I cannot describe good enough how much I (and we) needed this app for our phones!

  • I encourage anyone to use the gifting option on DLive stream. Sometimes when you are watching a good stream, you want to support it. But my vote is like 0,020 , but then I use my gifting option and send some love or hugs to a streamer so he knows how much I appreciate them...

Dlive is getting better each day and I can't thank you enough for that. I know we are happy with this development and can't wait for the next one! :D

Much love from my Space Stream by Mr. Spacely ;) <3

When dark mode for DLive on PC?

Surprising Dlive..
Dlive you guys did the best thing for us. Thank You guys and Keep up the great work


many are appreciating this app

Wow now my wait is over

Dlive become popular in very short time.

Great development, update more on this. Looking forward to it.

@dlive i am so happy to see that u released dlive app. But how to upload a video in it, i dont know how to upload a video in dlive.can u help me plz?

I love the way blockchain used in Video platforms, live platforms. Steemit and it's community really doing great job. New and new projects are coming like every day, ad every project is great. I will surely use DLive and recommend to my Gamer and youtuber friends. Thanks for sharing this with us.

This is a really cool news. Having DLive on Android should bring huge boost to Steem blockchain.

Will we be seeing a Dlive app for iOS in the future?
Would be awesome to livestream straight from the app without any other apps to download. I know I know asking a little much. Lol


Definitely! There will be a DLive iOS app.

Congratulations You have posted a good post.most important information, thanks for sharing.