DLive | Transparency Report #3 - June 3, 2018

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This report will display statistics for May 2018.


DLive Community

The Gift Feature was enabled in version 0.7.0 on May 5, 2018. To show how strong the DLive Community really is, we thought that we would share the statistics on this feature. Since its launch, there has been a total of 3713 gifts sent. Totaling 253.159 STEEM and 1237.882 SBD.


Operations Team

For the month of May the team upvotes accounted for 15.96% of total rewards. 5038% of 31556%. Below you will find the break down of how many upvotes each team member received as well as the total weight.

Team MemberUpvotesTotal Weight


May Curation Statistics

Total Upvotes: 7004 Upvotes
Unique Users: 1589 Unique
Average Weight: 4.51%
Average Upvotes per day: 225.94


DLive Owned and Operated Accounts

There has been an increase of accounts with DLive in the name, or the DLive logo as the profile picture. We want to advise the Community that the following accounts are the only accounts that are owned and operated by the DLive Team.



DLive Social Media

In the coming months our team will be focusing on building the DLive footprint on other social media platforms. If you have not already visited our social media pages you can find them at the links below.


This concludes the 3rd ever transparency report. If there is anything that you would like to see in future reports, don't hesitate to leave suggestions in the comments below.

Thank You,
DLive Team


I think that's why everybody loves Dlive so much. The transparency and support you provide for the users of your platform. We are all so thoroughly addicted to using Dlive. Thank you so much, guys. And to think, this is only the beginning.

I love all the new features being added to the platform!

Thank you TeamDlive ! <3
We Love You !

Man, that's why I'm what you called "stick-to-one". :D
More Power @dlive! :D
Hey! SHout-Out to all the team members! You're all amazing guys! :D

I love these because seeing how many people you vote, how much you upvote team members, and all official accounts helps us to build trust! I will resteem soon!

Why not resteem now :D lol

I have a queue of resteems!

@jerrybanfield I don't know how you do it man, tons of discipline and energy 😆👍

I really love that you guys put this information out for all to see. It helps build trust in the team and the process! Average of 225 upvotes a day?? Wow, that's amazing. I bet it feels good to put a smile on 225 people's faces every day.

Thanks for these kind words @coruscate - the community is a very important part of DLive and especially on Steemit being a social network. With more than 500+ active users on our Discord I believe we have the strongest community

I love @DLive! It's a great place for me to have found. This is great information! Thanks so much for sharing this news! I plan to do some music in live streams in the week ahead! DLive makes my performances from home possible! Have a great weekend!

@Dlive is amazing platform that helps us to show our best.

2 ❤ ❤ for the update! :)

What a great post and have good kind stuff you present here for steemians on steemit its a great informatic and nodoubt a meaningfull character shared in dlive sense its very supportive to steemit and the strength you shared about upvotes its incredible its really helping hand company its rocked more than any other factor here in this blockchain keep it up best luck

excelente me encanto

Vive Dlive !!
I really like that transparency report, Dlive is the best community on steemit !!

Excellent team demonstrating transparency and their way of working

güzel bir paylaşım.Dlive kullanıcıları için şeffaflık,güvenilirlik kadar önemlidir.oylamalarınızın artacağını umut ediyorum.Ekibiniz iyi iş görüyor

It is a very extraordinary once even this platform will be a very large and leading

Dlive has the best ethics out of all companies here on steemit! Rocking good stuff.

Thanks @kaliju - DLive aims to raise the standard wither that being the performance of our platform, our community outreach and most importantly the upvotes to the people who deserve it in our userbase!

@cheech-oz I mean, what else can one want from a team like dlive ❤️

I'm a big fan of what @dlive and @dtube are doing for this platform.

Congratulations @teamdlive, excellent work. Thank you For making us part of your work. They are a really amazing team.

nice post bro......

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Excellent team demonstrating transparency and their way of working. We love your

Thank you @dlive for all your support so far :)

Bless Ya All!

Yep this is only begining, love dlive!

Dlive will soon take over the world

Im pretty new to the plattform but i realy like it so far. Id like to see which accounts got upvotes from dlive. Or is there any guidline i missed?

What the HECK! This is it! I love the way you do @teamdlive family! You help a lot to make active the community! Power ON!!!

This is so cool

Johnny is already great @tha-oracool don't be silly! 😂

Vive Dlive !!
I really like that transparency report, Dlive is the best community on steemit !!

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Why use this account and not YouTube? convince the superiority ...

Que tiene de especial Dlive que no lo sea youtube?

Porque tengo que dejar Youtube para empezar en Dlive?

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