Travel with me #106 : South Village 44, Taipei!

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Military Dependent Villages

In this edition of Travel with me, I'll be taking you all on a tour of a very curious location deep within Taipei's most modern and urbanised areas. Called the South Village 44, it is a village situated just minutes walk away from the built up financial district of Taipei also known as the Xinyi district. It is a classic example of aged buildings mixed in with the ultra modern, a fairly common sight in Taipei and also one of the reasons why it is such an exciting metropolis to visit and explore.

The South Village 44 is a well known location for photography because of the opportunity to capture the ultra modern sky scrapers such as the Taipei 101, together with the urban slums. Though the village is no longer inhabited, it has become an important landmark for cultural and historical preservation, visitors will discover the history of the village beyond being an early settlement and in-fact, connect the dots with how Taiwan went about it's own development after the second world war. This era was of course a pivotal time for the cultural and societal development of people living in Taiwan. After all, the island was no longer the home of just the natives, but also for the followers of Chang Kai Shek and the Republic of China.

In the years that followed their retreat from the mainland to Taiwan, many villages similar to South Village 44 were constructed to rehouse the over one million soldiers and their families. Originally intended as temporary residences for the anti-communists - who shared a common belief that they would shortly retake the mainland, the houses in these villages were constructed very poorly; as a result, they suffered from many urban problems such as dereliction, decay and even social unrest.

South Village 44 was the first of these purpose built villages, but very quickly these "Military dependants' villages" as they are now referred to, became wide spread across all of Taiwan. This of course had dramatic societal impacts as the mainland visitors sought to make Taiwan their home whilst the natives felt that their turf was coming under threat.

During the 1990s, the government of Taiwan recognised some of the urban problems presented by these mostly abandoned villages and began a program of systematic demolishing of these villages, and in their place, high rise buildings. It wasn't the case of eviction and forcing the remaining residents to become homeless because they were granted rights to live in the new apartments. Today, the number of Military Dependent's villages number at 170, and are mostly used as historical sites with a cultural value instead of actual places to live. At the peak, there were nearly 900 villages scattered across all of Taipei.

Being the first Military Dependent Village, South Village 44 has weathered the decades very well, and despite looking like a derelict urban slum, it has tremendous character with it's vibrantly colourful doors, adornments, and cartoons stuck all over the beaten down buildings. Some of the walls looked no more than the rock, stone and dirt they stand on. It's hard to believe that most of the walls were originally built with mud consolidated bamboo walls, only to be replaced with bricks some ten years after.

In-fact, the villages were constantly a work in progress, starting off with the necessities and gradually adding in things like sewage systems for toilets, kitchens, real roof tiles (instead of straw) and even electricity.

The properties in these villages were continually improved until they reached parity in standards with the buildings of the natives. The residents of these houses were provided with around 3 square meters of space, and they were given no ownership rights to the property nor the land. This became a problem when the real estate market boom happened in the 1970's and many of the village properties once again fell behind the developments.

Settlers isolated themselves from the rest of society and developed their own cultural defaults. For many decades, the military villages had their own social systems which in practice were brought over from China. As they say, birds of a feather, flock together and this certainly applied to the two distinct groups of people sharing Taiwan.

The military villages used to be heavily guarded and thus, access to the village was restricted to those who could produce resident permits. In addition to having access to the village, the resident permits also provided them with the necessities they would otherwise be unable to afford due to low salaries. Necessities would include : rice, flour and vegetables.

South Village 44 in the modern day.

In the 1990's, the government began demolishing swaths of military villages which by then were largely uninhabited or abandoned entirely. Many of the original houses of village 44 were destroyed and new properties were erected in their place. What remained became a historical site promoting and educating people about the tumultuous tides of history.

Right at the front gate, you will find a child day care centre, hence the colourful doors, cartoons and statues, but you'll also find an art centre, a store, a cafe named Good Cho's and a museum exhibiting some of the living environments of the original settlers as well as the kinds of things they used to live, day to day.

Outside the museum, there are many different photo opportunities and it will be part of the fun to try hunt for them. One of the most obvious ones would be this "instagram" like frame at the entrance to the museum.

The Taipei 101 is a five minute walk away from South Village 44 so I would recommend visiting both on the same day. I really like this photo of the village but with the Taipei 101 skyscraper in the background. It's a really distinct contrast of landscapes but also a representation of the history and development of the city.

Art Gallery

Midori : Homemade Ice cream

Birds eye view of the village

Military dependents' village and rest of society.

As I mentioned briefly before, the military dependants villages (also known as Juan Cun) were largely segregated from the rest of society. All of the villages were built to house the KMT military and their families, and were enjoying welfare provisions far better than the rest of the people in Taiwan. In-fact, this imbalance of resource allocation become a point of contention through out the martial law era.

All of the military families believed that their stay would be temporary and that they would very soon retake the mainland. They did not treat Taiwan as their home and thus developed isolated but organised social systems of their own. As the stalemate drew out longer, many of the soldiers became more and more integrated with the rest of Taiwanese society, even marrying Taiwanese women. This turned out to be the source of tranquillity and harmony between the two groups of people in society, and also the beginnings of cultural exchange between the ethnically different Chinese people.

It's fascinating when you think about the KMT militants and their families who came over to Taiwan expecting a swift return to the mainland. It wouldn't be until 1987 that they were allowed to return home and see their loved ones who they left behind during the retreat. For nearly 40 years, they militants lived under perpetual uncertainty, not knowing when they'll retake the mainland, or whether the communists will attack the island. More than that, they were uncertain about their families back home and whether they would see them again. Even though many of the militants became integrated into local communities, they were never truly able to forget the hardships they endured all these years, as well as the homesickness which developed.

Tightly knit communities within the military villages meant good relationships with those within the community, but it also meant isolation from the local Taiwanese. Being an unwelcome minority meant a constant fear of local uprisings against the mainlanders.

One of the most famous gangs which spawned from these villages was called the United Bamboo Gang which is still active today. Together with their unofficial ties to the KMT, they have been involved in a lot of organised crimes ranging from the murder of the dissident journalist, Henry Liu in 1984, to murders, drug trafficking, sex trafficking and much more. They were originally formed by adolescents in the villages who feared threats from the locals but were later unofficially supported by the KMT to uphold it's dictatorship.

Coming from China, I found Taipei to be quite unique in terms of architecture, particularly around the Xinyi District. This is because the Taipei 101 dominates the skyline making everything else seem like low rise buildings. It is even more impressive that South Village 44 was not entirely demolished and replaced with the modern buildings we just five minutes walk away.

Cultural conservation efforts were able to save a large part of this particular village, but also many of the others. For example, the Act for Rebuilding Old Quarters for Military Dependants was revised to provide for this cultural conservation in 2007.

Higher ranking officers of the KMT military were allocated more space, in larger and nicer houses. These two story houses are examples of such houses.

Meanwhile, these long and narrow alleyways were the result of crammed housing which was hastily built for the lower ranking soldiers.

The village museums and exhibitions

South Village 44 has several exhibits inside it's museum. The purpose is to show what the way of life was like for people living at these military dependant's villages. All of the items displayed in the museum are real items donated to the museum by people who used to live in the village. Seeing all the home wares and reconstructions of living quarters give you a much better idea of how people lived in those times.

The exhibitions are broadly grouped into four different categories, each showing a different angle of life in the village. These groupings are shown by the circular signs at each of the "rooms". There is a history section, living space section, food and kitchen, as well as education section.

These are some of the historical records of the village as well as a model reconstruction of the full village before most of it was demolished.

Because the mainlanders came from all areas of China, they brought with them a wealth of different cuisines and cooking styles. Later on, all of these cooking styles blended into the native Taiwanese food culture and helped it to become the popular food heaven Taiwan is known for today.

Early on, the villages would have communal canteens where food would be served. Below, you can see some ox the examples of the foods that were served as well as some photographs of the original villagers eating at the canteens.

Next up, we'll have a look at some of the living areas.

Mahjong was the most popular leisurely activity and was frequently played by women who also worked on the sewing machines.

These are some examples of currencies issued during the KMT dictatorship.

A typical living room would have a sofa and then a small tea table in-front. This layout is very common in Chinese homes even today. The only differences would be today, the sofa would be facing a large TV, where as in those days, people might instead choose to read, and drink tea.

The dragon that you see in the pictures below is significant because it was once considered the guardian of the south village 44. The dragon that you see is actually a small replica version of the original. It was placed here to remind the younger generations of the original protector of the village.

These are the chairs and desks used for the children in primary schools while in class. Amazingly, these are still very similar to the ones used today in China and Taiwan.

This is an example of a living space for a low ranking officer. This includes two bedrooms, one high, and one low, with the bottom one using a crude modesty dividing curtain.

These are some of the early resident permits of the village and also pictures of the retired soldiers.

Food interlude.

Midori ice cream is one of the home run businesses in the village, but you'll also find an art center, a souvenir store, and a cafe. These small businesses help support the locals as all of the products are locally sourced. On Sunday's, there is also a farmers market in the courtyard.

Jian Hong Beef Noodles

After a quiet afternoon at the South Village museum, it was time to eat. A lot of the time, restaurants which local Taiwanese people like to visit are not found in the popular social media channels. These are restaurants serving truly authentic Taiwanese food, how can you tell that it's all about the food? Well one look at the venue and you'll see how raw it is. There is almost no branding or marketing, no fancy logos, or intricate interior designs. It's all about food after all.

Without being recommended this by a Taiwanese friend, I probably wouldn't have even noticed this restaurant which is tucked away in a corner just outside of Ximending in a run-down old looking area.

The restaurant has a good selection of side dishes, ranging from pig's ears, pickled cucumbers, sliced potatoes, seaweed and thousand year eggs with tofu.

I opted for the seaweed, pickled cucumber, and thousand year egg with tofu. All cold dishes which go very well with the soup noodle that is up next!

Voila! The star of the show, the beef brisket noodle soup. You can add some pickled cabbage and caviar which are provided free at the table. The beef slices are a good size and very tender. So much so, that it pretty much falls apart in your mouth whilst releasing a chorus of flavours making you wonder how much taste can be in a slice of meat.

One things for sure, the noodles whilst chewy do a lot to calm down your taste buds from the explosion of flavours of the beef in the soup.

It's amazing that serves such a good for value bowl of beef noodle soup can taste as good as some of the most up-market posh venues in town. The environment may not be luxurious, but the positive side is you get to experience it like a local would and that's the whole point!

And that wraps up our visit to the South Village 44 Military Dependant's Village. Even though the activities and things to see at the village are quite limited because of it's small size, it does possess a certain degree of historical character with it's old retro buildings and colourful windows and doors. Photo opportunities aside, the village is an important part of the cultural heritage of modern Taiwan, filling in the bigger picture of how history played out after the Chinese civil war, resulting in the societal landscape we observe today between Taiwan and China.

Do you remember the movie "Brokeback Mountain"? Or "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"? What about "Life of Pi"?
These are all movies directed by the highly acclaimed and respected Taiwanese film director. His background is very interesting because he actually grew up in one of these military dependant's villages. Many second generation military villagers went on to lead very affluent lives, another example of a person who grew up in a military village was Teresa Teng, one of the absolute most famous singers in China and Taiwan.

From visiting south village 44, I felt as though I travelled back in time to observe and learn another dimension of Taiwanese history. The tranquil setting makes the South Village 44 a wonderful place to spend an hour or so reflecting on the tides of history.

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good work. The most amazing thing about steemit is that we can get a lot of knowledge about different regions of the world.


yes I agree! Hopefully knowledge in this post was interesting for you!


OMG Sweetsssj, I actually felt like I was being transported to South Village 44, Taipei!!!

You have such a flair for Travel Blogging and I found your writing style pleasantly reverberating in my head as I read, but more so, your pictures are rich with such vibrant colours, love your ani-gifs ... and might I add u r soOoo photogenic!!!

Love how the old buildings complement the new high rises. Gotta say Taipei's Military Village looks more warm and inviting than what our Canadian Gov't built for returning military residence, however, the houses here are rock solid and well made!!

As I was looking at the pics, they reminded me of back home, South America, and also some of places I've visited ... now I have to add Taipei to my Bucket list ;)

With your natural writing skills and love for travel, you really should ink a book!!

Twas my sincere pleasure reading your post - btw, the Singer Sewing Machine is the same one my grand pa had, may he RIP ... now a rare antique :)

I'll be following you henceforth :)

Continue the great work!!


Hi @sweetsssj I made this simple portrait of you because I like you.. You are beautiful :)


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Thank you @catwomanteresa for designing the T-shirt for me ^^


Very good post @sweetsssj !I also love Chinese food especially noodles.. I congratulate you on the International Women's Day!



bitboys, thank you so much!


Shudhu Tomake | শুধু তোমাকে


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I love reading your travel posts. This is such a beautiful place with 'old' look. Thanks for sharing spectacular pictures and well-written post.

you are an expert on food ... the list of Bib Gourmand of Michelin was just announced two days ago and this beef noodles store is included!!

here is a Chinese introduction of all the beef noodles stores included.

喔,好餓呀~~~~ :~~~~~


well that was something i didn't know!! Thanks dean, I have to thank my uncle who told me about this place for finding a star venue!


I like it and I love it! this is the first time that I had read your blog, and it is very interesting, very informative and a lot of lesson to learn. I got inspired to read some of your blog post.
I am actually just starting to have my journey in steemit and I really find it difficulty. But everyday I Read every post in many steemians like inspiration..
thank you so much for sharing this..
Keep it up and you have a follower for life :)

@sweetsssj 台北101大厦 + 眷村文物馆 + 甜姐 = 形成了一幅独特的“新旧靓”的画~

话说,甜姐你站在“建宏牛肉面”店前拍摄,活脱脱成为他们的代言人 :D



Beautiful pictures, as always. You're fortunate to travel around the world!

you are wearing steemit t-shirts.
nice ad! nice post!

@sweetsssj, That beef noddle made me think of cooking it myself, but I'm no good at cooking Chinese food, I only purchase it at the restaurant. Do you know what is the ingredient of that essentially?

I have a dream that one day I visit Taiwan, though I have already travelled so many countries.



Me too! I would love to visit all the places @sweetsssj have been to! Very inspiring!





Taipei 101 is a one-of-a-kind skyscraper! It's comparable to the Shanghai Tower in terms of viewing pleasure. Thanks for sharing your GIF as well. It gave me an idea on how I can make my GIFs better next time. I will make it cycle continuously instead of ending in a logo which I did before. Great post!

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@dante31 is the best ;) And I totally understand @sweetsssj so many followers and such a great content always 👍👊💋❤

Apnd btw : Happy Woman's Day, girls ❤


amazing @dante31
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Hey dante, thanks for the messages, I don't always have time to respond to each and every person because there are simply too many messages. But i'll do my best.


You're so beautiful, you end up in the centre of attraction in pictures you're in. Can't even see the architecture. Arrgghhh. Lol

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And in all the pictures and gallery you shared, you stoll the show, i think you should be my yravel attraction. Smiles, thinking out loud. Thanks for helping us see the beauties in Taipei.

hey! im very new to steemit and am very excited to be apart of this great growing community filled with passions/talents/insights from all sorts of people. I have only been on this for about 4 days now and am trying to get to grip with how it all works and see if i can reach out to anyone who can relate to my content and vise versa. Ive alwasy wanted to travel but at the momnent in life have to prioritise my goals but i thought i would leave you a comment as i think your a great inspiration to this community showcasing your travel experiences and tasty treats ot people who find these types of topics interesting. feel free to have a look at my content sometime and hope you find it as interesting as i do yours. Have a great day!



hi moderndayjester, first let me say welcome to steemit, it's great to have you onboard and i'll be looking forward to interacting with you more. We all have our own paths to follow so prioritising other things in your life is understandable. Hopefully that path will be available to you really soon (if it's what you want) and if not, then maybe you'll find whatever it is on Steemit!

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you're too sweet elizah thank you!

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haha you always have a knack for picking out the little things as well brett, thank you!

Thanks for the pictures, the trip looks amazing
Well done .. good for you

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good post. good information. Thanks.

Great hair... last comment from me I guess :)...

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Wow, I'm so jealous of your travels! I enjoy your posts!

Hey, another amazing post by you. I had been looking at your posts since last May and I have seen the development when it comes to presentation. I also try to copy your style sometimes and I have learnt a lot from you. Your pictures are always beautiful and make me look at them the second time. Such a nice way to describe the cities, towns and country. I am fan:)

What I've never understood is why some women use plastic surgery to make themselves more attractive to men. The most beautiful woman are like you happy and always smiling.

That is the coolest video I have seen maybe ever on the internet.

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Welcome back to your hometown!

I like your lovely post focus on the camera, you look like a celebrity model on this and so pretty.

yes, South Village 44 Military Dependant's Village is a very historical village in taipei, the pictures are the historical character with its old retro buildings.

most up-market posh venues in town are there food delicacies which you showed to us.

photos of the food such a good for value bowl of beef noodle soup are looking so tasty.

all and all its amazing cool adventure you have @sweetsssj.

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thank you mrblu, you are a man of many words and often very good ones! Thank you for taking a continued interest in my travels!


i will be here to support you always @sweetsssj.


Shudhu Tomake | শুধু তোমাকে

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Awesome pictures!

Enjoy this map of Taiwan (Formosa) By: Francois Valentijn, 1727. It is the earliest European made map to focus on the island, which the Dutch attempted to turn into a major trading post in the 1700s, but were driven out by the Chinese and local tribes.


Here is a closeup of the Taipei area

Follow me for more posts on antique maps.


that's a very cool map you have there, it's almost un-recogniseable. Thank you for showing me another piece of history that I had absolutely no idea about!

good post :)

Nice pictures

我喜欢你享受生活并在Steemit上留下记忆的方式。我会跟随你走向更好的生活。我也发布Steemit,我会定期发布你的帖子。我的好运与你同在。 @vindy



Wow!Excellent photography.You are really creative photographer. Please stay with photography. how the beautiful view is! Very color full also. this see world good to traveler.


hey shihabieee, thank you! :)


You are welcome my friend, I have a new post, do not forget to visit ya, let me add the spirit in steemit.

I have respect in the spirit of change in the South Village 44, Taipei. Slowly and surely everything has followed developments. I think some places that have a history of not removed, enough restoration was done.

Thank you @sweetsssj for this interesting travel stories


you're very welcome and thanks for taking an interest dody!




after I read all your stories
you tell of a military shelter and you tell from 1990 this is a very remarkable story and you also equip premises to share kinds of very outstanding and quality photos.
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hi my dear, how have you been? I'm glad you found the story to be interesting, it was definitely interesting for me to visit as well as write about, even having to spend a week or so gathering information was interesting!


so far is still fine
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Always good content and thnx for the 🍦😋


haha you're welcome!


Very good posting about Military dependents' village....
its so nicely written. keep it up


Will do blownup, thank you!

Beautiful village and a terrific well analyzed post, travelling is adventurous and fun. Thumbs up @sweetsssj


hey cheryldavis, thanks so much!

Taipei looks bigger than I see it on map.
Lovely place with posh vegetation and resources as seen from your photos.
The food just arose my interest and love for good food.


It's the biggest city in Taiwan, but actually it's not too big compared to cities in China.

Awesome photographs.
I felt like being in that place. Awesome work, promoting steemit. Steemit logo on your clothes.


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my pleasure!

Hello @sweetsssj

This is a very lengthy and descriptive post of your travel to the South Village 44 or say Military Dependent Villages.

It surely makes for good reading and sight seeing, because I'm able to feel and know more about the place. Lovely dishes I must say and generally great shots. They're just lovely. Keep traveling and we'll keep learning from your travels.



nexrules, sorry about the length, it was already reduced from my first attempt to write about it! But I think the information is worth it :)

Wow... So detailed a story taking to time to outline every adventure... Seriously I already feel like traveling to this places.. @sweetsssj this a job well-done


thank you my dear, I'm happy to be arousing the right kind of response!

In history there is always the rise and fall of great empires, theory of growth and decay, indeed a huge of those theories has been perfectly depicted in the history of "south village 44" allthough it started from the scratch, there is always a saturation point for every great city and great's ability to be able to rise again and make it to the top is what makes the theory of "growth" efficient. This is a detailed historiography of this village, thanks @sweetsssj


interesting point of view there aideedavies, I will have to go away and thank about what you said..

I also wrote a lot about China, but my photos of my travels reflect the harsh truth of life and are not as bright and beautiful as yours. I'm always looking for something interesting for my messages. And last time I described about fishing with cormorants. You did not know about this?)


Thanks inna, i guess we just have different styles, I certainly didn't know about fishing with cormorants, infact i'll come have a look :)


Thank you for paying attention to everyone.)

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you look amazing!!!
i love the pictures and the food am seeing (lol am hungry)
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hey kristen, my pleasure! I'm hungry now too!

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Hopefully I can be like you @sweetsssj sometime in the future. That's amazing :)


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Beautiful post Sandia.

The Taipei 101 looks just breathtaking to me.
Love the architecture of this big metropole.
The ice cream shop looks cute hehe


hey jason thank you so much! Did you know that the bamboo gang started in these military dependent's villages, and the design of the taipei 101 is based on bamboo?


No, I didn't know that!
Haha but this is really an interesting fact and gives a new view at this building.
Cool! :)

Hello @sweetsssj
Helping us travel through the South Village 44 within the dwelling of Taipei from it antiquity to its recent epoch has been quite amazing, just like you rightly said it like "travelling back in time" and bringing us back to the present was an exciting experience.
Can i ask?
Before the modern times in the South Village 44 what was the main occupation of dwellers?


the main occupation of the dwellers were soldiers and family of the soldiers. They retreated from China after losing the civil war to the Peoples Republic of China (The communist party led by Chairman Mao zedong)

Really you are very beautiful in your post @sweetsssj, make me impressed on you.


aww thank you!

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i know, it's driving me crazy!!

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So much history in those walls, wonder how you felt.
Thumbs up to your government, the way they handled the issue, evicting tenants but still gave them rights to live elsewhere.
Your country has come a long way.


hey tudors, thank you ! I'm actually from the other side of the strait, historically grouped with the people responsible for forcing the KMT party to retreat to Taiwan. But yes, I think Taiwan are doing a very good job handling the situation now.

wow amazing post you, i really like his ...


thanks irmanreza!

Thank You for the Chocolate Ice Cream Cone @sweetsssj, How did you know that was the Flavor I wanted ??


you're very welcome stokjockey, we have something in common, and that's we both like chocolate !:)


Would not have it any other way......

Another nice place to view Taipei 101, I miss those Beef Noodles in Taiwan 🤤 it's nice and taste different from what we have in Malaysia.

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You captured every moments.
Beautiful pictures, beautiful memories , and of course the wow food. I love what you're doing. And you took your time to document every moment, bravo.
I celebrate you beautiful lady, happy women's day. Cheers


thank you jeline, happy women's day to you too!


thank you :)

A sweet adventure @sweetsssj


very sweet chocolate ice cream!


hey, thanks very much!

Beautiful. Wish I could travel the world like you


At-least you can travel with me through my posts vicariously!

Waooooo. Hola. Que buena nota. Excelente el recorrido que nos has brindado. Espero poder disfrutar de otros viajes. Ahhhhh. Gracias por el Helado. Saludos

Hey @sweetsssj great article. I've been to Taipei just once and I remember I went to Shilin night market. I did some great shopping. The food was amazing. Are you from Taipei?


hey elly! Yes what an amazing nightmarket that is, I also enjoyed my visit there and definitely got my money's worth of delicious nightmarket food! I'm from China, but I like Taiwan a lot so I do make an effort to visit often!

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Wow amazing
Good post @sweetsssj


thaks shamuel 😊

Hello Sandia,

You are looking very pretty in your newly designed Steemit t-shirt and iam happy that you used the old Steemit logo because the new logo is not good according to me😅

So now come back to the post,

South Village 44 is an very interesting and unique place to visit and by seeing you post it feels like you goes back into time and capture the old life beauty of Taiwan for all of us,

All the buildings and shops are quite unique and the walls with tattoos are looking very beautiful and also give a old vintage look,

This village got an very interesting story of it's own and thanks to your post i can understand their lifestyle and culture,more importantly their hope to meet their families again.

The village museums and exhibitions is also a very interesting part of your post because it's helps to understand their culture and how well they stored all these beautiful stuffs from a long time in that place,

Taiwan is really a good place for tasty food lovers and i can see that you fully enjoyed your beef soup with Noodles and also the Midori ice cream😍😍

Overall i loved this Post because and the best thing about your posts is each and every post got a unique in them and you also shared a lot of historical details of a place that makes it more easy to understand that place easily,Thanks for all your efforts that you put in writing this well detailed beautiful post😇😇

And if you got some time then have a look on The 8th part of my travel with me series in which i also shared about my visit to one of the oldest museum of India with a lot of photography work and give me a little Comment if you like the post because that will give me motivation to explore the traveler inside me,Thanks😇😇


ah shiva thank you for dropping by again! Steemit logo was still that one at the time, and I also have to thank the taiwanese community for gifting me the shirt during my travels there.

I'll check out your travel series now :)


Waao they gifted that one to you that's really cool,you are like a Steemit celebrity for most of the

Welcome back sweet with a pretty awesome post stay safe and blessed @sweetsssj


hey saqib thanks so much!


You're mostly welcome @sweetsssj this is Chinese food because my best friend she live in Taipei and she nurse in (Changgung hospital) and I learn some words of Chinese also from her it's so cool 😊

Thanks @sweetsssj for sharing this Amazing dishes.......what a beauty to behold!!!!
If am a guy I would have say that am having a crush on you.


now now, we haven't even met yet!

以为新篇会是热气球呢 有点意外 不过吃的更好 哈哈 那橘黄鲜亮的辣牛油看着很不错呢 想试试 够辣吗 :) 四四南村好有怀旧气氛的感觉



The pictures are absolutely stunning @sweetsssj! Thank you for sharing them with us. Your adventures are exciting as usual!
Quality writing as always! Beautiful place even beautifully described


thank you venturementor!!

be a definitive model... wonderful

Omw I just love your style it's so cool and great content 🙂


hey melissa thanks so much darling!

great travel post like always. love the a friend who was living in taipei for about 6 months and he told me about this as well. want to see it one day!!


thanks! I found the story behind these villages to be particularly interesting because it's a very logistical "solution" to essentially a mass migration of people. Obviously the history books speak about how the KMT retreated to Taiwan after losing the war, but they never really talked about what happened when they moved over, how they lived etc. This is a closer look at that!

This is a well written traveling post and nice video. Wow, I am a fan of such foods and wish to have a bite...Lol. Keep steeming to more success


thanks charles1! I hope you're feeling a bit better these days?

these photos look really good!


thanks, there were a lot of good ones I had to scrap as well!! :(

太好了,美女@sweetsssj 去台北游玩,去了那么国家,我觉得台湾还是更吸引我,被那里浓浓的人情味打动。我爱台北 👍





You gave us the whole package again @sweetsssj. The history, the food. the colorful buildings of South Village 44. It looks so clean. Thanks looking forward to next time.


thank you stranded, see you in the next blog!

I would like to go up briefly on this skyscraper.

and cool food :)


definitely worth it, some of the most amazing views you'll see of Taipei. A few blogs back, I wrote about one of the restaurants on the top floors of the 101!


Ok... I'm going and looking this post :)




This reminded me soo much about some places in my home country Tanzania. great blog ,very educative too.


thanks my dear, i haven't been to visit your country yet but i will do some research!

Very detail and had a specific information about certain places that you had visited...I can see your excitement in your journey having more fun and your Steemit filled your hardwork and focus to deliver the outstanding contents...Cheers


hi dylen, thank you so much for the encouragement, i am so excited you are right! The opportunity to visit the world and tell my story is a privilege i'm always grateful for, so thank you so much for being a part of my journey!




Great article as always..
I´d love to visit Taiwan one day, hope you enjoyed your time!
The noodle soup looks tasty ;)

I´m writing about my travels as well, not as professional as you, but it´s a start


hi travellingworld, thanks for leaving a comment, now you're on my radar! 😊

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Traveling with you to where ever is the best experience, because you make your post in such way that one feels that he or she is seeing it live. Your post as usual is among the best in the community no doubt. Taipei is really an exciting place to visit.


hi izge, thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed the post!