SPOKEN WORD ART: My Dad recites purple dirty birds limerick - Freestyle improv

in dlive •  6 months ago


I mentioned my Dad is better at reciting this than me. He is 82 here, and we were having a party at his house recently when I caught this short recitation and then we all tried to add to it for a few minutes.
Some people get very good at Rap and improvised rhymes, but it's always been a challenge for me, even though I think I could be good at it if I really worked on it for a while...

This is my entry to the ARTzone spoken word contest!


My video is at DLive

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Wow!in the age of 82 your dad looks very wonderful and much active.Though i don't understand the meaning of the rap but it was fantastic.I am sure you guys were enjoying the party.You both guys are fantastic,enjoy your time.


Lol he is much fitter than him and does s good thing to entertain


Yes you are right,the love between father and son makes them energetic and evergreen.Like father like son, god bless them both.

Excellent video, my friend and it was interesting to watch the pronunciation of the text by your father and your general discussion, by the way you have a wonderful family and a house! Thank you @surfyogi

Artzone really doing very good job and spoken word contest is awesome. I will participate this contest.

really very talented contest.specially your father looks very wonderfull and strong man.artzone is a really very mindblowing contest and its doing very good work and speaking word very awesome.i hope you of course enjoy doing this contest with your father.you are good family person and you have a best family.so,you are a lucky man.good family discussion time and i enjoyed fully..this time i watched this dtube video.just marvelous my dear friend.. @surfyogi have a great day and my best wishes anytime with you and your happy family member.good relationship everyone..best of luck.

So a lovely family you have Mr Surf. Even at age 82 your dad is 'spicy' ! 😉 and Your brother too (very cheerful) .
PS : You really look alike with them both.

With this video i watched, i believe you have a lovely home, full of love, laughter and fun.
Keep moving forward @surfyogi

Trust your girl, mine is Loading.............

PS : Your mum is absolutely lovely

He don’t fully rhyme, but they flow because he has similar constructions to other words and in a way it makes Eminem sound better than a rapper who always uses traditional rhyming schemes! It’s amazing!

Yes Spoken Word Sweet. I am enthralled by your poems the latter of the two incidentally a true lesson to those tending all-too-easily, to latch-on to stereo=types egged-on-by media reports. I give thanks for your eloquent and articulate stance!

If the dad in your life is a rookie or seasoned vet, find time to pray for him.
Dear @surfyogi this is a nice family time. You sure was having fun. A nice family. I think she is she mother looked in the video? So nice mothee. Nice one @surfyogi

Your words WOMAN!!!!!! so happy that I watched this and so so so so so very happy you said all the feelings i would like to convey! much love from a "white

good content dear @surfyogi
I appreciate it.
God bless you.

Love spoken word. He's great. I'm gonna share this video

It's really amazing sir, that your father is quite good than you to saying that limerick 😁

This is an example of a family bound with unfailing love.

your father looking so strong...
keep it up.
nice post.
@resteemed you post

THE "best spoken poetry mixed with story telling filled with metaphors" I HAVE EVER HEARD AND SEEN.

Wow very lovely family video! I enjoyed both of your discussion, it's looks like both of you friend and frankly speaking. More enjoyable things is your dad's reciting dirty bird that really awesome and funny and voice is more powerful than you . Very nice to see your relationship and best wishes both of you and your family.

Wao. 82 still very active yoing and funnny.
You have lovely family drar @surfyogi, this is getting more fun. @surfyogi, of course he should do it better cause he knows it better. Nice family bonding!
You were right, your Dad says it better. I wish good luck to your father, and many prayers

Congratulations to the participants. But I agree, steem can rule cryptoverse. It has the capacity, no doubt!..

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities.


Why tagging me here

You dad recites is really funny and entertaining , I must confess that you dad is gifted and also talented

Best regards for sir @surfyogi and wish a happy life.God bless you sir.

My own Dad will be 82 next January! May God keep all your family healthy!

Wow! Such an amazing video. Best poetry i have ever hear. Your dad is 82 years old but still so active and smart. Thanks for sharing the lovely video.

Good dear please support me upvote same doing thise work

You love your father alot.it looks.you are all a good family..

All I see is a nice family time. You sure was having fun. Is that your mother in the video? She looks so beautiful. Nice one @surfyogi

Hahah ! sooo funny you guys crack me up! Mert the Squirt Lol! Good luck !👌👍😂😂😂

@surfyogi this is really good entry for artzone spoken word contest. I hope you will Win. By the way your DAD and you both are so nice.

yupee...... am so glad i participated although i know i was too much trouble.

Greeat job to the perfectionist @surfyogi ,you are a rare gem.....and the lady with all the qualities @gee1 for coming up with this.
Amazing it is!!

Some people get very good at Rap and improvised rhymes, but it's always been a challenge for me

Some were born with this talent to say words faster, the direct opposite of a stammerer.
From experience, you can be as good as your dad in smart-fast talking a.k.a Raping, by first, writing the words down, say it over and over again with some rhyme, almost every day, you'll be amazed what will come out of your tongues in two months.

wow...your dada is such a good man.I am really happy always whe I see people involving their parents on the steem blockchain just as @tj4real brought his dad,@ackza did same to introduce his mumas well..Great man @surfyogi

You all look so famfam united
Lol, you may not understand that, never mind
You do look so much like your dad and that was a really fun recitation

what a creativity!!

Wow!!! At that age, he still looks the vibrant...
He's so blessed and you're so blessed too for having your dad this strong....
@surfyogi, of course he should do it better cause he knows it better....

Beyond the words, all I see is bonding...this is so sweet. 😍

All the best my mentor for this great contest entry.

Wooh 82 still very active and funnny lovely family surf, this is getting more fun

Although his age is old but we must appreciate his spirit.semoga your family is always in good condition.
Like @surfyogi

This is really amazing sir,its like 8th wonder to me,you both are really identical.

This is really a great experience to see your father.

He is just like you,cant bealive myself.

i am so glad to see you again,have a great day.

Nice family bonding!
You were right, your Dad says it better

Wow nothing to say about this :)

Your dad looks really good.

Such a light hearted, fun video to watch, thank you for putting an entry on #spokenart

Awww, at 82,hes so cute,fun and active
His entry sounds interesting
Keep flourishing @surfyogi 😘

Don't take this seriously, but I think you dad must be laughing in his heart saying, 'better catch up son'. I totally adore this kind of fun relationship with the family. You're lucky and wishing you and your family the best of luck :)

that's the best thing i watched today so nice : )

The resemblance! 🤗👌

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