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RE: DLive is Leaving Steem, And This is My Last Blog Post on Steemit

in #dlive3 years ago

It's pretty clear the Steemit, Inc team had absolutely no idea that they were planning to leave, since the Business Developer from Steemit, Inc commented with a Nooooo! on the announcement post and the delegation was taken away after informing the whole Steem community.

That is a clear zero in business ethics and will come back like a boomerang to Charles Wayn over and over again. The crypto world is very small, and everybody will know that he is not someone to trust in.

We don't need to worry about it, he just completely destroyed his own image.


You read my thoughts Marly! Mighty disappointed by all this. :(

Yeah, same here Meghan... It's hard to believe that they consciously decided to act like this.