Standing Up For The People I Like - Today: @abh12345

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We make a life by what we get, but we make a living by what we give. - Winston Churchill

Did you know how fortunate we actually are to live up something on this blockchain that has never existed in society before?

According to the established mindset, altruism and capitalism are mutually exclusive. They are philosophical opposites and cannot co-exist in the same man or same society. - Ayn Rand (Russian-American novelist)

On the internet of value we're turning these old paradigm upside down.

We're suddenly provided with a stage were we can share wealth with others without losing anything from our own power.

Giving and getting something in return melt into one, creating a completely new world order where new chances arise to spread wealth more fairly.

I'm incredibly grateful that participating in this fascinating and complex new world has even enabled me to come to know some wonderful people.

Today I'd like to use the opportunity and stand up for someone in the Steem community I especially like.

Asher not putting himself into the center of attention :-)

Asher - @abh12345 - is the person that has been engaging most with me on the Steem blockchain ever since.

As he let me know by himself on my second anniversary on Steem (24th of July 2018): To date he had been commenting my blog 283 times, typing more than 60,500 characters into his keyboard.

Sixty thousand, can you imagine that?

Asher is one of the kindest, smartest, most intrigued and community-oriented personalities we have on Steem. He is as special as his handle @abh12345, which was initially meant to be a place holder:

As my first name was taken, I resorted to a username I've used in the past for it ease of remembrance. My initials, and five numbers in order of sequence. Genius!

Now that 'ID' is actually a perfect labeling, since Asher could be secretly called 'Mister Numbers'. I don't know if we even have someone else in our community who is better at researching and analyzing Steem blockchain data than Asher.

Don't tell me, @abh12345 has never provided you with one of his legendary 'tables'?!

Besides all these hard facts, Asher is one of the nicest persons I have ever come to know in my life.

And that is why I'd love him to see winning the Steemfest Ticket Contest run by @openmic and @blocktrades, promoted by @anomadsoul.

It's quite easy to explain why Asher should be the one winning the ticket: Not having him in Kraków would be a great loss. In other words: @steemfest without @abh12345 wouldn't be the same!

Thanks to the jury for considering my little craze, and thanks to everybody who's been watching the video.

We can't ever have enough reasons to stand up for the people we like, whether they're competing in a challenge, trapped in a complicated situation or simply need some encouragement. It's always worth it.

Now go out and stand up for your besties :-)

Much love
Marly -

PS: Here's another version of the video for the youtubers:

My video is at DLive

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Aww this is such a sweet post!! @abh12345 totally deserves to win. ♥️

Besides... you don’t have to sing anymore for this contest, Asher - so no excuses! You did promise you might sing in Krakow after a hefty amount of beers though. 😂 🍻


You all do 😍

Glad I am not in the jury though... hehe


ahh crap, someone has a good memory! Let's hope this memory is forgotten after a hefty amount of beers :D

Great word 'hefty', not seen enough on the blockchain!

Well how can I not 100% and resteem this?!

I suspect they are still going to want my entry, which luckily has been extended because I'm sick and not really camera worthy right now.

Thank you Marly, you are a gem!

I'll be there no matter what, but it would be super to save on costs. Gracias! ❤️



Sending you an extra big hug to have you camera worthy back on stage soon!

Fingers are crossed for the contest as well 🤞🤞


'Stage'... yikes! Back to dreading it again!

Thank you! ❤️

This was a great post, you are doing the right thing! Its important to stand up for your best friends! I rather have a few good "stand-up friends", people that are really there, then to have a few hundred "party-friends"...

-Im resteeming this and again thank you so much for your help @surfermarley!


Something is weird with you Dlive feed, just a greyscreen...
Maybe its me...


Everybody should have a bunch of stand-up-friends though :-) The best is actually to go party with these type of friends (just from my own experience), haha They are even better at party then the party-friends though :-P

Dlive is actually not working for me either, but I have a terribly low internet connection which is often the main cause.

Stay friendly, fenix :-)


Yes you are right @surfermarley, but all my "stand up" friends have kids now and it's really hard to trick them into going out for a "proper night of partying"... Maybe thats why they are still "standing up"... =)

I hate bad internet connections...



Great post Ambassador. Joking aside for once, he is one of the goodest good guys here.
If anyone deserves a ticket, he does :-)
Also resteemed


lol - you can call me Marly if you want :-D

Happy to see you supporting Mr. Mallorca in such manner! I was looking into flights from my archipelago to Poland today and quite shocked about connections and prices. Am hoping for some last-minute-miracles though :-)

Have a nice day 007!

Nice post @surfermarly

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Nice cheeky profile picture, @sumanmandal :-)

Oh My Goodness, Two of my most caring and wonderful friends of the platform. This is so true that @abh12345 Asher is such a wonderful guy who always wants to support the people.
Wonderful message of friendship by Marly <3


Hehe, glad you feel comfortable having us around :-))
Thanks for your kindness @salmanbukhari54, often missed in this world...

Thanks for sharing standup dlive video

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Standup is my secret hobby though :-P

Hi @surfermarly, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @abh1235 doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @abh12345 ?

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Haha, classic!!! I missed one of the five numbers :-D Thanks, @checky!


😂 good one cheeky @checky!

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What a great tribute/support post @surfermarly! And certainly, Asher is someone a LOT of people here would stand up for... he does as much for this community as anyone I can think of!


good idea and messages..! you are very kind,
greetings fron Venezuela.
well done @sufermarly

Really very wonderful memories and very beautiful
Well done, my dear
Very wonderful article

Nice video i like it and East and West you are the best

You two are all about engagement and community. Really great to see & what a great friendship too.
To me it is no longer a question of whether it is possible for Asher to be at SF3 - surely he is so entrenched in Steemit it is absolutely NECESSARY he is there.....the community wills is to happen.... it will happen!! Good Luck Mr 12345.


Sweet! :-)
Isn't it great to be surrounded by the people you like?
That even helps me to forget about the others....;-)

Nice video

Thanks for sharing this dlive video

Hi @surfermarly! I wish I could watch this video but it doesn't work no matter how long I wait for it to load or how many times I refresh it. Weird, and I have very fast internet.

Anyway, I'm sure it's good and upvoted and resteemed it anyway. Look forward to seeing you at Steemfest this year. Woo Hoo! It's going to be so much fun.

@misternumbers - how could I not come across his second nick for so long now?! Anyway, @abh12345, you deserve the ticket, fingers crossed!


At least it wasn't @misterpies :D Thank you kindly!


Haha, you actually made me think about a mister-series now... Hmmm :-))


@misterengagement is free for now 😁