Sunshine Vibes Needed Anyone? Here's The Canaries' Steem Meetup'n'More Clip 🌍🌵🍸

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They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night." - Edgar Allan Poe

My second favorite hobby is to escape: to escape from routine, the ordinary, day-to-day life - in order to broaden my horizon and fill life with new experiences, stories and memories.

Those of us who are blessed with the writing bug have even the chance to eternalize all those wonderful moments, wrapping them in surprising, refreshing and perhaps even inspiring narratives.


Sometimes breaking free means to get aware of the things that really matter.

A swim, a walk, a dance, a chat,..... just living the moment.

Let pictures tell you what we already know: it actually doesn't matter where we go as long as we go to the beach :-)

Enjoy these 90 seconds of Gran Canaria vibes clicking on the image above or HERE!

Special thanks go to @cauac, @kilianparadise and @paxsurf for the steemy moments during the trip.

Have a great start into the week everyone!

Much love,
Marly -

PS: Here's another version for the youtubers:

Song: "Teamwork" by Scott Holmes, found on
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Thanks a lot for the support!!! :-)

Yeah life clearly sucks! :P

Hey you got all the sun over there, we've had crappy weather which is set to continue this week. Come back summer!!


Haha, we got inspired by your pool videos :-)

I'll send you a couple of sunbeams via blockchain, should be there in 3-2-1 seconds :-P


awww :D Pool shots are #trending right now!

Thank you, can you send a few more the clouds are back!


Haha, alright I'll send some more :-))

I knew that @brianphobos also unconciously initialized a future steemy trend when he started out with his 'pool meetings' back in 2017 :-P It's a whole movement!!! haha

Hello, adventure is the best thing in life, leaving the monotony is something fascinating, go for a walk without a fixed direction, dance for hours, that fascinates me. Congratulations!

Amazing @surfermarly and company ;) I like so much your video. I really enjoyed our Steemit meet up. Hope to see you soon. Steem on!!!

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Amazing meeting @surfermarly!!!
It's awesome to have a good time with people who love the Steem blockchain as we all do. Priceless! Thanks!!!
By the way....loving the video :D
Un abrazo de todo el equipo!
Gracias por venir a tod@s!!!

you are so crazy . i like your video

Nice video all nice working

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Your are so good and nice ,crazy,all your videos are liked me very much keep it up have a great day

I think escape from the daily routine is much necessary for the survival of life. And if the plan is to escape with the friends is always very good idea. Looking cool guys :)

We all need to escape sometimes! I like to head to the beach at night and clear my head.