Spreading the Fire on DLive. Heroes of the Storm Ranked and Quickmatch.

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Diamond or Master?

Ranked Hero League placement matches.
Maybe also Quickmatches and Team League later.

Heroes of the Storm: The art of knowing when and where to fight.

Bronze = Master.

Multi Platform Streaming

I am streaming to @DLive, Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Stream.me.

TutorialIf anyone is curious how to do that
thumb restream flowchart.pngHow To: Live-Stream To Multiple Platforms Simultaneously. OBS to nginx to DLive, Restream, Twitch, YouTube

Will you please use my referral link to Restream.io: https://restream.io/?ref=NYVBL.

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My DLive Fanbase


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My live stream is at DLive

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