Tiny kittens live doing tiny kittens stuff!!

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The kittens are getting bigger and bigger. They play, they eat, they do kitten stuff!

My live stream is at DLive


Please give me a valid reason why you decided to kill my post about kittens! @dreamm

Cause i dont like people "harrasing" kittens with streaming or filming them let them live their own casual life.

That is your own opinion! I take care of those kittens like they are my kids. And going with your logic...all those people posting about their kids and pets and everything should what ? Get flagged? Because they are sharing something ?

You'll learn that the world doesn't work like that :)
Now be a doll and leave my kittens alone.

Haha now im getting flaged because im sharing my opinion haha

I think you are getting flagged because you harassed my stream, you were rude and you throw flags like they are confetti.

@therealwolf 's created platform smartsteem scammed my post this morning (mothersday) that was supposed to be for an Abused Childrens Charity. Dude literally stole from abused children that don't have mothers ... on mothersday.