Do you want to be a successful Steemian ? if yes, this video is for you !

in dlive •  last year 


Watch this 20 minutes video where @terrybrock, the guy who has interviewed all the Steem Super Star, gives you advices !

My video is at DLive

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I so agree with the 'Better production' and 'Networking'. Been doing that since I got started to be serious on Steemit. After watching this vid, I want to drink Portuguese beer LOLOL Thanks for the info, I sure have learned something! :) ❤ Thank you also @terrybrock :)

The next time there's a steemfest in Portugal, you must go!!!

Would they be one in Portugal again tho? I hope it's somewhere in Asia or USA so I no need to get a visa hahaha :D ❤️

@waybeyondpadthai I hope not in the American continent though! Asia sounds good. I got wind that there might be an independently organized massive steemian meetup somewhere in South East Asia this year. If that were true i definitely going!

Really????? you got me all excited! :D ❤️

@waybeyondpadthai If the rumor is true and the announcement is finally out, i'll make sure to tag you in the comments!

yayayayyyy please do so. Thank you, thank you! :) ❤️

@waybeyondpadthai 😍 Happy you watched the 20 minutes :D I don't know who will have the courage to do it 😅 But I agree, the interview was very interesting ! I had already shared with the french community but never with the english one :) Happy that you also learn stuff with it :)

I need to! due to its title hahaha ❤️

@waybeyondpadthai 😘😍 You already are ! :)

You're just too kind haaaa ❤️

wow cool infomation

Great video again @roxane!! Awesome advices too @terrybrock!

You guys are both Superstar Steemian Heavyweights! there is so much here to unpack and so much of what @terrybrock said not only applies in Steemit but also in many case the real world too!!

Thank you very much @awesomeianist. Yes, the principles that apply to success with Steemit work in other areas of life as well. Nice to have you on board.


@terrybrock Glad to be onboard! Love your stuff!

Hello @awesomianist !
Thank you for watching and for the compliments ! :)

Whoooot, great to see you two in such a nice video.

Greetz to the wonderful @roxane and the best MD on earth @terrybrock!