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RE: SteemSummer May 25, 26, 27 near Palm Beach, Florida, USA?

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I now see you have reached out in As I was travelling back from my holiday I had not seen your message. In your message you ask about using the name SteemFest, but only if you have my 'blessing'. Now I am not a god, but certainly did initiate the event SteemFest. So you mention you will only use it when I say it is ok. However you don't wait for a reply from me. That's pretty weird.

This is just using the brand, carefully build up since 2016.

Here is my reply in

You could have waited with a post until a reply from me. You could have mailed me. No it is not ok to use the name SteemFest. This is reserved for the event we intend to organise annually. Why? We want to bring together as many people as possible. It is a centralised event around a very decentralised community. The idea is that by having a clear 'wave' in events, people have time to prepare, come and don't feel in doubt whether: should I go to this, or to that one. It has been only 3 months since last SteemFest and the event for this year is already in preperation. Your post received so many upvotes because it uses the name SteemFest. But you have not asked (or waited for) permission to use it and just blatantly post and use the name. I am very disappointed.

Please refrain from using the name SteemFest in any of your event communication, also not tricks like: "The event formerly known as SteemFest 2.5" whatever and delete this post or adjust the post.

For completeness here is the message sent midnight 3.30 AM about 36 hours before this post was made. Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.21.31.png


Some people just want to use others success as a platform for their own ideas. We all know there is only one Steemfest that is organized by you and it is celebrated by the end of the year. Flagged this post at 100%, nothing against Jerry but everything against hijacking an established brand & name.

Yeah, that's not right. If there is not a trademark then technically he can do whatever he wants, but it still doesn't make it right.

Also, who in the hell would book Kesha for this community? And in Florida?

I could think of at least 2-3 other places that would be more hospital to this community than Florida.


lol, your username is hilarious in this context

And in May. Florida isn't hospitible to anyone in May.

I agree it was bad he used the Steemfest brand without authorization.....but his plan is also a very good thing to the steem blockchain...why don't you get to an agreement with him @roelandp if Lisbon is ok, why not Florida? I wish to hear Kesha's music soon on Dsound

Can I hijack his brand and shamelessly ask for his witness votes to empower people living under the poverty line around the world?

I guess he should have declined the payout for it...

There's only one Steemfest, and we want it to be in your hands @roelandp.
Also the timing is no valid argument at all. Waiting for it makes it even more exciting, and we love to be excited about that one Steemfest :-)

@roelandp Can we have Disturbed, MGMT, Chainsmokers, Post Malone, Blink 182, and Kings of Leon at SteemFest 3?

Thanks! Looking forward to it!

jk ;-)

lol. only if you delegate 2 million SP to me.

No problem!

Hey everyone! Send @brianphobos liquid STEEM so I can delegate it to @roelandp ......... :-)

P.S. Don't actually do that!

it was not good the fact he didn't have your authorization....but his plan is actually a good thing to the blockchain...get to an agreement with can let him use the name in the condition that he gives 5% of the revenues to a charity(example)

I'd be down to start a witness server and give 99% of the revenue after whatever the server costs end up being to charities on the blockchain. Anyone want in?

Although that lineup is a joke, I'll tell you the same thing I mentioned down below...I can get you great pricing on legit talent. Feel free to hit me up anytime. Can't wait for steemfest 3

roelandp I am part of a group to help autistic people in Portugal...... we are online but we want to create a physical thing ....our face group is .....I suggest you would allow him to use the name in exchange of donating a small percentage of the revenues to @autismoportugal what do you say? we would be eternally grateful to you

Jerry makes daily revenue he deposits into the @budgets account and his @jerrybanfieldroi account. Uses both to "fund" projects. He doesn't need to hijack the SteemFest name if he actually wanted to give your group money.

Don't forget Imagine Dragons lol.

Good Point! Imagine Dragons, Shindown, and AWOLNATION will be added to the lineup!

I'm having too much fun with this. In general I think @jerrybanfield is trying to do good for the platform. Sometimes it may be misdirected or rushed. I will likely do a post on it. I did have him on an autovote but I took that vote away for this post.

U have point sir.. and I agree he cant use the STEEMFEST brand name... without your permission... I actually ... I came here because the title. ..

By the way, was is already disclosed where the real Steemfest 3 will take place?

Shame on everybody who upvoted! I flagged maybe 5 times since June 2016! This Post got a clear 💯 down!

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