Steeming Official Steemit Anthem DLive RePost

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Steeming Official Steemit Anthem DLive RePost

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Steeming Lyrics:


Make post thats all I know. Resteem! Like mo.
I'm Steeming (Steeming)
Crypto! Thats how we roll power up get mo
Im Steeming (Steeming)

Verse 1:

Get yo mind stuck on this H double T P//
Post my life up like you looking at a TV//
Stop yo facebook get paid for yo likes see//
Zuckleburg ain’t thinking about yo life dreams//
But they’ll sell your info to the highest bidder//
when I spill it all out they gone call me //
Huh I ain’t even have to say it//
its sorta like ya information they couldn’t save it//
An I don’t need to curse cause this flow is G rated//
find my post get elevated an we never regulated//
S T double E M To The I T //
Blockchain plug you in like an IV//
Count up all the voters the people is taking over//
Get paid for your voice an don’t let em go take your choice//
Remember you have voice won’t stop until you rejoice//
You’ll see when it is over right after the hang over//


Make post thats all I know resteem like mo
Im Steeming (Steeming)
Crypto Thats all I Know power up get mo
Im Steeming (Steeming)

Verse 2:

Thats right I said it get paid I meant it//
Theres some money in ya post if its all authentic//
These some real life people not some funny algorithm//
keep the fakes all away We don’t play the plagiarism//
Downvote downvote that post//
Abuse the site steem cleaners they roast//
Give credit give props to a witness//
Keep the steem block true bear witness/
Dan Larimer Ned Scott
with out them theirs no chain on our block//
Rearrange what you got build a name on our block//
See the fame that we got we all trending at the top//
Five star entertainment group what I represent//
take ya book back and spare me all the Sentiment //
Steemit putting money right into my bank account//
An I aint talking about no pennies this is large amount//


Make post thats all I know. Resteem! Like mo.
I'm Steeming (Steeming)
Crypto! Thats how we roll power up get mo
Im Steeming (Steeming),

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My goal here in Steemit is to stay true and live up to the expectation of the block chain system. Producing quality content while educating our audience is key.

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Current Artists on Five Star Entertainment Group

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Do You Love The Song "Steeming" By: @rest100

Own your copy today by simply sending 1 SBD or 1 Steem to @rest100 and remember to include a valid email in the memo and a mp3 version will be sent to you in 24- 48 hours.

My video is at DLive


This is soooo awesome! You should make a song for Steem Monsters!!! We could highlight you on the Steem Monsters Show. This is seriously talent. I love the kids too. Do you collect Steem Monsters cards?

Or Chibera Steem MMORPG, or you could stay our out of selling out to "the man" completely :D

Sir, I want to thank you that the song you sing on this steemit is the song and your voice is very beautiful

I knew you'd say that. :D

Also, I'm interviewing @timcliff on Monday for STEEMBLAST. I'd love to open with this song, if I may.

Here's the details on the interview:

Hey Mate,

This was hilarious and so creative!

#wheredidyougetthatsicktshirt #juststeemit #allday

this song is littt!!!

The dopest hiphop song on the blockchain to date. Dang man you make it hard to top it. I have professional recording equipment we should collab sometime.


I've been listening to this track since the day it came out. I do appreciate the hard work that went into this.

Amazing #dlive video and post on steemit

This was awesome. I really hope you do more of these really soon. And yeah, that 'Just Steemit' shirt is amazing.

Posted great videos and photos. I liked it very much. Independent life, brother continue. Thank you so much for giving me such a post

Make more SONGS DUUUUUDE, sooo good ;)

Wow!😊 Amazing #anthem.. If you don't mind I just want to know who wrote these magical lyrics?

Great... 👍 Keep it up, its nice reading here. Thank you 🍂

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This is fantastic. Props.

Cork, thanks for sharing this with us. Best 5 minutes ever spent.

amayzing video brother.. I like this n restemed.. thank you for sharing brother

Great video !!!

Very informative video
thank you for information

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Nice post thanks

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This is awesome! Love it.

Steemit song came im the right time.

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Can you do one about Steem Monsters? That would rock.

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Very fun 😎👍. Thanks for good clip 😉👍

Love you guys! Wish my VP was higher. I never know how to slide it down to keep it going. 💘✌😎🎶💕✨

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hypnotizing! I like the last word -- Peace!

Love steemit <3

This is dope. Love & respect! Peace.

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