Come and Explore the Raohe Night Market with me / 台北 饶河观光夜市

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I would say one of the best things about being in Taipei is exploring the night markets. They are so ingrained into the culture here and fit into the Taiwanese way of life perfectly. Being one of the oldest night markets in Taipei, The Raohe Street Night Market is recommended as a "must visit" destination! So, I thought I'd document my trip there.

We took the Green Metro Line to Songshan Station. The night market entrance is conveniently located right across the street, next to the temple. The night markets open from 5pm to midnight every day. By the time we got there, it was around 8pm, so the heaving crowds were already out in force!






Raohe Street was very busy but packed with fun and an interesting variety of night foods and snacks, quaint shops and stalls, as well as a some cool carnival games where you could win prizes.

If you have a stomach for street food, this place is your one-stop haven! Raohe Night Market cater for some more common foods and snacks found at other night markets, however it is evident they have a few specialities of their own on offer. With that in mind, these specialities are exactly what I went for and I am about to share with you a few things you’ve just got to try out!

Pork Pepper Buns (福州胡椒饼)

As we entered Raohe Street, there was a long queue forming outside the night market’s main entrance. Situated right there was one of the most well-known street food stalls in Taiwan that only serve one thing – the extremely delicious Pork Pepper Buns. These pipping hot buns are prepared and cooked in front of you, which are then stuffed full with peppered minced meat and green onions. Check out the video above where you can view the cooking process in full!

We waited about 10 minutes but it was well worth it. One of the best things is that they serve it to you hot and fresh, straight out of the oven! From the first bite, the skin tasted crispy and flavoursome with a scented fragrance of toasted sesame seeds. The pork meat inside was also well seasoned with that dinstinct "pepper" taste and fresh green onions texture. Absolutely delicious and this is something that you won’t want to miss when you go there!





Grilled Squid (烤鱿鱼)

There were quite a few food stalls selling gigantic grilled squid. Lucky me, because absolutely I love squid! It's flavour and texture. Basically, everything about it, haha!

The fresh seafood was cooked on the grill until the outside became a golden brown colour. You can choose from either the "flattened out" option that resembles a butterfly cut, or the other that leaves it in its traditional tubular shape, which is then sliced into rings before serving. We opted for the latter.

The grilled squid was absolutely amazing! So fresh and tasty, with a chewy texture whilst at the same time tender and succulent. A fantastic snack to try here and my personal favourite!




Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐)

While continuing my leisurely stroll down Raohe Street, I found myself suddenly overpowered by what can only be described as "stinky tofu". This is a popular, traditional Taiwanese cuisine and believe it or not, it was recently voted as the best night market food snack in Taipei.

It is probably fair to say that this fermented, deep fried pungent snack, is not everyone’s cup of tea. Having said that, if you have never tried it, I would suggest to at least give it a go. Although the smell is strong and unappealing at first, the taste is actually quite mild and feels a lot like eating soft cheese. If that is your thing, lol! The added sauce also makes it taste much more flavourful and delicious!


Freshly Squeezed Juices (鲜榨果汁)

After some more exploration, we came across several stalls that were selling freshly squeezed juices, from pink guava to sugar cane and watermelon. They are super nutritious, nicely chilled and so refreshing! Though the papaya with milk is my absolute favourite!




Ice Cream and Peanut Wrap(花生冰激淋春卷)

This tasty dessert is basically an ice cream wrap with peanut candy shavings. It fact, it doesn't look too dissimilar to a spring roll, lol. The procedure to make it is quite simple. Firstly, the peanut candy is grounded up and sprinkled on a pancake, after which the ice cream is then added on top. The creamy and fresh ice cream combined with those sweet and crunchy peanut candy shavings, both complement each other to a tee. So very delicious and indulgent! Enjoy!


I must have spent several hours in total, checking out the market from one side to the other. And I've lost count of how many tasty snacks we stopped to sample, haha. Here are a selection of some more pictures I want to share with you guys.

















Undoubtedly, Raohe Night Market in Taipei is one of the best markets I have ever had the pleasure to visit. I absolutely loved it! There’s an almost unbelievable amount of street food snacks for you to taste and experience. I would highly recommend it if ever you find yourselves in this beautiful city!



饶河夜市并不大却十分热闹。街道两侧都是店面,加上道路中间的两排摊位,就剩下游客的走道空间了。这里品种还是蛮多的,可以边吃边采购有台湾特色的小工艺品, 还可以玩游戏哦,吸引了不少小朋友和大朋友,呵呵。



饶河夜市最有名的要数福州世祖胡椒饼了,排队排到街口拐弯看不到人,可以说是整个夜市里最有人气的摊位。兴奋的我们也心甘情愿地加入了队伍。虽然等了十分钟,不过他们现做现卖,我们可以观赏到整个制作过程,还是挺有趣 的。大家可以看看我的视频哦,呵呵。






臭豆腐的味道让很多外国人都逃之夭夭,但台湾人却越吃越爱,呵呵!我就很爱炸臭豆腐那外脆内嫩的口感,是很容易吃上瘾的哦!没有尝过的人, 我建议去试一试,臭豆腐的好滋味,只有吃过才知道,呵呵。


夜市里还有不少鲜榨果汁摊位,从粉红色的蕃石榴到甘蔗汁。台湾的新鲜水果本来就很好吃,鲜榨的果汁就更不用说了,不但冰爽,还果香四溢 哦!而且这里的果汁不兑水,味道自然好的没话说,所以特别受欢迎。我最爱的是木瓜奶!






My video is at DLive

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Wow....Super post my dear! Have a nice day


Thank you @sardrt!




Everything looks yummy!...:)...

看到眼睛都花了 @_@








Oh my! I do miss these snacks! Cheers! @rea 👍

Wow, your pictures are amazing!!! I can never get good night time pictures, but you nailed it. I always wanted to go to Taipei for the unique restaurants... Now adding night market to the list of reasons!


I hope you have a chance to visit Taiwan soon. :) Thank you for dropping by.

great market

@rea now i am learn chinese language and have a great interest in china food it is so delicious the post you share is of very tasty food

Oh wow this looks really delicious, I will resteem this. While scrolling through the post, my mouth actually started watering :-)

A question that you (or another commentator with competence) may be able to answer: Is there a significant difference between Mainland Chinese food and Taiwan food or is it more or less the same?


Taiwanese food is bit different than the food in mainland China. But even in mainland China, you have so much varieties... You got to come here and try out yourself, lol.


Thanks for the reply. Extended travels through Eastern Asia is definitively on my bucket list! :-)

I love Taipei for so many things...but the Night Market and Street Food are my number 1 reasons hehe.
Can't wait to go back to Taipei :)


I cannot agree more, @addicttolife.

Your pictures are dope! Stunning
And seriously, I need to visit this place, my mouth is watering lol

looks awsome! Watch out my new post about coconut cupcakes

Ahh Rea, this is such a great post... I've always known how much I'm missing out, never having been to Taipei, especially because I love street foods!!! And your post totally confirms it.. One day!!

Hope all is going well over there! See you when you're back :)


Hey there, I was there a few nights ago. It's nice ! 好多好多好吃的。。。

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I liked this kind of food. I liked it a very nice meal.
This is very useful for our health. I like these foods and love it more than I eat.